Meditation Of The Month

Meditation of the Month: Nataraj

Nataraj, which means Lord of the Dance, is one of the names of Shiva, who created the world through dance. Both men and women can practise this meditation.


Tantra Meditation Retreat 2010: Sidika's Blog

November saw the completion of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra meditation retreat trilogy – some of the Indian participants had also participated on the previous two retreats and so experienced an astonishing 108 meditations in all. No lack of choice there!

Ask Sarita

Ask Sarita: Solar Plexus

Sarita loves to answer your questions, so if there’s something you’d like her advice on, please email her and let her know if you are happy for it to be published (you can remain anonymous). Here she answers a question on: the solar plexus


Creativity: Joy

We once again feature potent poetess Kamla, and her mystical musings from her Hawaii sabbatical earlier this year. This month, joy!