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New Year's Day Universal Heart Meditation Broadcast

We had a great response to the webinar Sarita ran on 11.11.11 where she presented the powerful Universal Heart Meditation (formerly known as The Meditation of Liberation) so we’re offering a shortened version on New Year’s Day.
The Universal Heart Meditation is a very potent way to expand into infinite love and helps us welcome the new energy – the highest frequency available to humanity at this time. It originates from Mongolia, where it was created by nomadic Tantric adepts to bring about spiritual liberation for individuals, couples and, ultimately, the entire planet. 2012 is the focal year for the transformative planetary changes and shifts in consciousness we have been experiencing so we’re happy to bring you another chance to experience this beautiful meditation on the first day of the year.
Sarita’s friend Merlina will be presenting the meditation on a local UK radio station – Swindon 105.5 – which can also be listened to live on the internet. So if you live locally to Swindon you can tune in on your radio to Swindon 105.5 on 105.5 FM or if you anywhere else on the planet, you can listen live via the internet on
The program will be broadcast on New Year’s Day, Sunday 1 January 2012 at 3pm GMT (UK time) and will last 1 hour. On the webinar the sound quality was very poor so you’ll be happy to know that this time you’ll be able to listen to the meditation music and Sarita’s recorded guidance in full quality! Merlina has edited the meditation to around 40 minutes so that it fits within the 1 hour time slot for the radio program. During the silent phase (not allowed on the radio!- but you are welcome to turn down your sound!), Merlina will be reading some quotes about the consciousness shifts. During the program she will also be playing excerpts from an interview with Sarita about 2012.
If you will be listening via the internet, it’s good that you check out the link beforehand to ensure that you can hear the live broadcast (Swindon 105.5 broadcasts 24 hours a day). If you have a PC, you can launch their player (Windows Media Player or QuickTime) or if you are on a Mac you may need to listen via iTunes.
Merlina will be offering us the chance to create our New Year’s resolutions with a difference and to visualise the best possible outcome for ourselves and the planet for 2012. If you would like to share your resolutions with the world (or at least Sarita’s Facebook community!) you can post them on Sarita’s Facebook Page . You might know them already, or perhaps they come to you during the meditation.
See Sarita’s blog post for details of where you can buy the Universal Heart Meditation CD or mp3 download.
We would like to explore more opportunities with Sarita appearing on the radio (both pre-recorded and via live link up) so please send any feedback to Merlina on – mark it FAO Merlina re New Year Special, or texts can be sent to: 07900 171 453, telephone + 44 1793 611555

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