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2012: The Ultimate De-Clutter

Beloved Friends: It feels like a big responsibility to deliver a New Years message, especially for the momentous year, 2012. After pondering over it, I have decided to keep it really down to earth, focused on the subject of de-cluttering. I feel the subject of de-cluttering holds the key to our survival as a species, and it is also important for daily life and an overall sense of well-being.
At the time of writing, I am visiting my Mum in Lake Arrowhead, California. She moved here recently from Oregon after the death of her husband. During my visit to her house over Christmas, my sister and I have been cleaning, de-cluttering and beautifying the entire time from morning to night. The result is, she now has a radiant and welcoming home, a place of comfort and joy to welcome her children, grand-children and great-grand children.
Throughout my life, I have had plenty of opportunity to get a close up look at the subject ofmess vs. de-cluttering. I was raised in a poverty stricken family with 7 children and our house looked at all times as if a bomb had hit it. The energy of suffering in that house was such a thick fog that it inspired me to leave home at the age of 12. From the age of 17 I was blessed to live in Osho’s community in India. The cleanliness of his Buddhafield was a stark contrast to the overall dirt and chaos of India. I was given the supreme gift of cleaning his house for 8 years, and this taught me on an experiential level, the value of emptiness and cleanliness.
I learned that outer cleaning is synonymous with inner cleaning. For a space to be harmonious, each object needs to have a home. If you have a society with a lot of people homeless and uncared for, this is very similar to a house where there are many objects which have no place to call their own. It brings a sense of unease and sadness into the living space. In addition to this, each object carries a vibration. When you fill your space with excess things, you are cluttering the vibrational quality of your space. Each object needs to be chosen with care, knowing that it is emitting a strong message into your living space.
While diving deeply into holistic healing work, I learned that the house we live in is a direct expression of our physical body. If you look around your living space, just become aware of the effect this has on your body and visa versa. When someone does not love their own body, they tend to mistreat their living space. This leads to ill health and disease. I think the first line in any wellness treatment needs to include de-cluttering as a mandatory wing in the prevention of disease.
In Tantra, we see our body as a temple of the divine. The space we inhabit is our temple of love. As this attitude pervades our life, we are able to expand our sensitivity to experience this whole earth as sacred. This earth and this universe are also our bigger body.
Where horses are raised, it is well known that their barns need to be mucked out so they don’t have to live in their own faeces, as this will spread disease. Human’s have less respect for their own living environment, as we are very busy polluting land, rivers and oceans with toxic elements.
Of course, if we go into the subject of de-cluttering, it also includes our own bodies. When we eat junk food, this clutters our physical organism, leading to disease, suffering and death. Regular organ cleansing and an organic healthful diet is necessary, if we wish to live at an optimum.
As we shift from one earth cycle to a new one in 2012, it is very important to cleanse and clear what is not serving our own highest good, and the highest good of all beings. This has a butterfly effect, pollinating the wholeness of life in all aspects with the quality of our integrity and care. In my experience, the number one rule for transformation is, always begin with your own inner and outer reality, and then allow your transformed being to spread it’s fragrance to the winds, as a blessing for all beings.
For those of you who would love to de-clutter but are not sure how to go about it, you can contact my friend Prasthano, who is a de-clutterer by profession. And if you are not sure how to go about de-cluttering your body, try Blessed Herbs one month cleanse. A wonderful way to bring in the New Year!!!!
Love and Blessings,

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