Becoming As Free As God Poem Of The Month

I remember how my mother would hold me.

I would look up at her sometimes and see her weep.

I understand now what was happening.

Love so strong a force

it broke the cage,


and she disappeared from everything

for a blessed



All actions have evolved

from the taste of flight;

the hope of freedom

moves our cells

and limbs.


Unable to live on the earth, 

Mira ventured out alone in the sky,

I write of that journey

of becoming as

free as



Don’t forget love;

it will bring all the madness you need

to unfurl yourself across

the universe.’


(enlightened female  mystic and poet)

Ask Sarita


Question: I love my wife and I do Puja (worship) with her. But I still love many other women equally to my wife. How can I love so many other women equally to my wife?

I would like to understand how this is possible. I really don’t know.

Answer: There are two possible approaches to love. The path you choose becomes your sadhana and meditation.

  • You love one woman and through this woman you experience all women. She becomes the embodiment of all women.
  • You love many women and through the many you experience one woman, the universal divine feminine.

These two possibilities are equally true for women who love one or many men.

You are saying you love many women equally to your wife. If this is the case, love the many and feel the one Universal Divine Feminine mirrored in each woman you love.

Essentially, the outer woman is a mirror of your inner woman.

Of course, if you are doing this, your wife also has the right to love many men and see the one Divine Masculine in all of them. It depends on her soul calling whether she will like to follow this path or not.

And of course, if a woman is having a similar question, the process will be the same: see all men in one man or see the one Universal Divine Masculine in many men. And this meditation may change to its opposite after some time.

For now, you are enjoying many and please try what I am indicating, to see and experience ‘the one’ in the many. And be open to the possibility of this experiment changing at some point, where you will be with one and see all women in one Beloved.