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Meditation of the Month: Nataraj

Nataraj, which means Lord of the Dance, is one of the names of Shiva, who created the world through dance. Both men and women can practise this meditation. Entering totally into the experience of the first two phases will bring balance and help Yin and Yang to merge inside you.
To practise this meditation:
Phase one: Yang phase: dance ecstatically for 40 minutes. Become the Shiva Linga, dancing the stars, the sun and the moon, the trees and the plants, the mountains and the sky, and the animals into life. Become one with the power of creation.
Phase two: Yin phase: lie down for 15 minutes in complete stillness and let go.
Phase three: get up and dance again softly for three minutes, bringing integration.
You can get a CD to accompany this meditation, or put on your favourite dancing music and go wild!
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