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Sarita reveals how since May she has been leading a double life and is now ready to reveal an exciting new direction in her work. Following her enlightenment she is going to be co-teaching workshops with master Uezusan, called ‘Aisho’ or Radiant Love.
Since May, I have been leading a double life.
Now, circumstances are provoking me to come out of the closet.
It is time for my secret to be revealed.

Sarita and Uezusan

As with all revelations, there is a multifaceted story behind it. In the telling of this story, I bare heart and soul.
My friend Champaka, who together with his wife Ramya, guides the Sacred Japan Tour, has introduced me to two rare and unique enlightened beings, Kohrogi Sensei and Uezusan. I have studied with, hung out with, and adored Kohrogi Sensei for the past 16 years. And I met Uezusan 3 years ago on the first Sacred Japan Tour. Subsequently, I invited him to come and present his work for the first time in Europe. He came to Glastonbury in May 2009 where we did sacred sites touring and a meditation retreat. I love the direct simplicity of Uezusan’s approach, which centers on one method of meditation and one powerful message. His message is, “I am God. God is Love. You are God. Wake up to your true nature.” His method is called Dhamma Ball and is highly effective for opening the door to cosmic consciousness. I love to simply ‘be’ in his presence. He emits a perfume of transcendental wisdom, which is such a blessing to meditate with.
During his retreat in Glastonbury, he was moving around the room offering hands on healing to the roomful of people who were doing the Dhamma Ball Meditation. As he put his hands on my crown chakra, I disappeared as a self, moving through a portal into universal consciousness. Imagine the best orgasmic experience you have ever had, the greatest ecstasy, the most powerful love union. Now, magnify that about a thousand times through the whole body, with crown chakra dissolving into shooting stars, or the sun itself. All is light and love, pulsating ad infinitum. There is no time, no mind. Infinity is revealed as ever present. As this was happening, Uezusan announced loudly to the whole room, “God is now entering Sarita. She is one with universal consciousness.”
Uezusan and Sarita at Stonehenge

He then asked for the microphone to be placed in front of my mouth and requested me to speak. I felt like a virgin being asked to describe her first lovemaking experience as it was happening. It was beyond shocking to find my words echoing out into the crowded room. “All is light. Only Godliness is. Love is our very nature.”
After this, during questions and answers in the group, Uezusan was speaking about his enlightenment, and was careful to mention me in the same breath, as inhabiting the same space. When the group finished, my body went into chaos and became very sick with high fever. It took time to integrate the Glastonbury event. I was very busy with work, and was finally able to rest and recharge in the first two weeks of September. During this period I received an invitation to co-teach groups with Uezusan in 2010. I felt very honored to be invited to work alongside this great master and said “yes!” In my meditation I feel in deep psychic communion with him on an ongoing basis.
In early November, I went to France to take part in Uezusan’s Meditation Retreat. During this retreat, he went on showering me with his love and appreciation. He said, “I am Sarita and Sarita is me; we are one.”  He gave a long talk on the benefits of our combined teaching presence, as it is an experiment, which is happening for the first time, two enlightened people teaching together, a man and a woman, joining east and west, yin and yang. Uezusan and I spoke at length, through Champaka as translator, and he let me know that he would like to teach with me on a regular basis. He said he knew the first time we met that this would happen, that it was only a matter of time. When I am with him, I melt into a devotional way of being, which feels so delicious. His yang element is very powerful, and this becomes the perfect balance for my divine feminine nature.

And so, I find my life spinning into metamorphosis. Uezusan and I come from different backgrounds, and like two musicians playing different instruments, our combined presence creates magical music. I believe Uezusan is extremely courageous to merge his work with a Tantra teacher. As we all know, there are a lot of misconceptions, which abound in the world, regarding the path of Tantra. He appears to care more for truth, and less about his reputation, as he throws himself into this wild river of bliss. And I, in an ecstasy of abandon, find myself living in a world of ever expanding light and love, savoring his divine presence.
As one body can only do so much in our world of time and space, it looks like I will be sharing more of my Tantra work with my ‘dream team’ of Tantra Teachers who have worked with me over the last few years. This will take a clearer form from 2011. As my work with Uezusan increases, my presence in Tantra groups will become more rare, and therefore, something to be treasured. I adore the Tantra work and wish to keep nurturing this exquisite flowering.
Lotus from Okinawa

With Uezusan, my contribution will be to offer ways of experiencing meditation in everyday life. This means essentially, meditation as a tool to bring transformation to body, mind, emotions and senses. I believe we will be able to touch and transform many more people through our combined presence. It is in fact, nothing short of a miracle to work together like this. We are calling our work Aisho, which means, ‘radiant love.’ I imagine I will be seeing many friends I know, as well as many new friends at Aisho events. We can have a good laugh together, and enjoy mysterious Leela, the Divine Play.
In the last group with Uezusan, some people were feeling confused about whether they should hug me, or namaste me. I started laughing, seeing this dilemma. Just to set the record straight, I still love to hug! Not only that, I still love to tell jokes! And guess what? I still love to cook fabulous meals and to watch funny movies!  In short, I enjoy ordinary and grounded enlightenment. If you see me floating up to heaven, please pull my feet to bring me back to earth. I am a lover of life. It is my sacrament to honor and worship this earth, this body, this moment.

Love Sarita

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