A Transmission of Love

Uezu San toured Norway and France in October and November this year, blessing Europe with his expansive, loving energy. Our beloved friend Tameer was there to witness and absorb the experience. This is his story.

Tameer’s Uezusan tour report
Norway and France, October/November 2009

Champaka and Uezusan, Oslo bookshop event

My visit to Norway started brilliantly after Ryan Air landed me at Torp airport and I caught the bus to Oslo.  The sun shone and the countryside on route was beautiful.  The air was cool, dry and clean – very pleasant after the English rain I left behind.
But of course I went to be with Uezu San – not as a tourist.  The night before the workshop he spoke at an event hosted by a local sannyasin-run bookshop.  The room was prepared for about 70 people but more chairs were brought and by the time we started it was overflowing.  There was much interest and quite a few of the people decided to join the numbers booked for the workshop.  It was Uezu San’s first visit to Norway and the response was tremendous – especially in relation to the relatively small population.
Uezu San’s seminars are mostly a mixture of meditations, discourses and questions and answer sessions – so its good to make sure you have what you need to sit comfortably. But we also did the Osho Heart Chakra Meditation, which is very active. During on of these I felt that my body was just moving in sync with the other bodies while I watched – “all as one”!
In Europe Champaka translates Uezu San’s Japanese into English, so there were words for my mind to get hold of.  But while starting now to write about his words, I remember when I first heard Uezu San in Japan. There was no translation and each discourse was really another meditation.  But when my mind let go of struggling to absorb words it didn’t know, and when it let go of being pissed off by not being able to understand, then I saw Uezu San with no ego – as a simple man transmitting love.  It was enough!  What more can one look for in a master than a transmission of love?
Happy times in Oslo (with Tameer in the background!)

With Uezu San one receives a transmission that is beyond words.  But when Champaka translates the words, he describes the universal nature of religion and spirituality.  From him I heard that Christ consciousness = Buddha nature = god= our true selves = life = love.  He talks of Jesus and Buddha as being men with that enlightened consciousness, which is one.  And of course that gives us the opportunity to resonate with each of the words and notice which generates a positive or negative reaction.
Now I am clear that when Uezu San uses the word god he means the consciousness that is internal within each of us.  Though sometimes I observe myself reacting to words which are also used when worshiping a god as an external being, even though I know that is not what he means.  Then I also see many people from a Christian background resonating very positively to the same words, finding they can directly connect to their concept of god through Uezu San in a way that the traditional church does not offer.  As Uezu San teaches – Jesus, Buddha and other enlightened masters use different words appropriate for their time and for their audience – but the truth is one.
The Dhamma Ball Meditation practice that Uezu San teaches is very powerful in its own right, and easy to continue after the seminar.  But it becomes especially powerful when supported by Uezu San’s energy and presence.  He passes around the room during the meditation session laying his hands on people to offer healing and a transmission of energy.  It was in one such transmission that Sarita became enlightened, in May this year in Glastonbury.  In Norway many people described very strong and wonderful experiences during the meditations.  It was like they had broken through to new levels of bliss and awareness.  And at the end of the three days, everyone left looking radiant and looking forward to Uezu San’s next visit to Norway in the summer of 2010.
Sarita and Uezu San in France

I went straight from Norway to my beloved in France, so we could be together at Uezu San’s retreat in the Ardeche.  There with her I experienced an indescribable melange of love and meditation.  Sarita commented to my beloved she was getting an energy transmission at both the crown and the base chakras and I wonder if this will be the flavour of the six day workshop Uezu San and Sarita are teaching together in India in February – a powerful combination of Shiva consciousness and Shakti energy.
Love and blessings,

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