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Since the early 1900’s, a little book with a big message has been continuously in print. From this book, many other books and teachings have sprouted which revolve around the theme of ‘Abundance and the law of attraction’. When delving into the subject of abundance, it is wise to begin with this book, ‘Thought Vibration’ by William Walker Atkinson.

William Walker Atkinson
William Walker Atkinson, author of ‘Thought Vibration’

Just to give you a taste, a passage in the book says: “Why should anything be too good for you? Did you ever stop to think just what you are? You are a manifestation of the whole and have a perfect right to all there is. Or, if you prefer it this way, you are a child of the Infinite, and are heir to it all…at any rate, no matter what you ask, you are merely demanding your own. And the more in earnest you are about demanding it—the more confident you are of receiving it, the more Will you use, in reaching out for it, the surer you will be to obtain it.”
The fascination with abundance is never out of date. It is a constantly abiding subject which awakens our innate thirst to live a life of joy and ease, where our every want and need is catered to and we can at last know peace and comfort.
This longing is compromised by the fact that as we are growing up, we receive conditioning around what we can expect to be handed on our plate. A person raised in a poor family, is conditioned to believe that he or she is destined to remain in poverty, while a person raised in a rich family is conditioned to believe that riches are their birthright.
The rich person goes on a learning curve when they realize that money cannot buy happiness, while the poor person learns that hard work and creative endeavor alone, is not enough to generate wealth.
The mental and emotional attitude of the individual is very important when it comes to the important subject of abundance. Because of this, there are numerous books and films on the subject, which will help to work through the tangled web of our subconscious beliefs, which hold us in limbo.
Sarita's family
Madhuri, Ian and Devadasi – their mum

It is a hobby of mine to read and assimilate these teachings through practical application. I have been drawn to this by the fact that I was born into extreme poverty, and have transformed my enslavement to poverty consciousness through meditation. It has been a challenging life path, to say the least, but a very rewarding one. I have passed through many portals of initiation on this subject, and from time to time it gives me joy to teach workshops on abundance, sharing the many fun and amazing techniques, which are available to transform your life.
Recently, I had a family reunion at the Chateau in France where I am living for part of the year. It was very touching for me to be able to offer a space of peace, beauty and comfort to my 95-year-old mum, who travelled all the way from California to visit me. My younger brother travelled with my mum, and my sister Madhuri came from the UK to meet us. We spent two and a half weeks together, enjoying quality-bonding time.
My brother raised the subject of abundance, saying, “you are the only one in the family, besides Madhuri, who seems to have really lifted yourself out of the addiction to poverty. Virtually every other person in this family is stuck on the treadmill of lack. I want you to share with me how you have achieved this. Please share tips on this subject to help me improve my attitude and relationship with money.”
Receiving abundance
Receiving abundance

I was delighted to offer a day on abundance and the Law of Magic, to my brother and sister and a family friend who was there. They enjoyed it so much and were so grateful for the wealth of practical and experiential learning on this subject, that it got me very juiced up and passionate to share these transformative tips with more people.
Of course, a blog in a newsletter cannot take the place of a whole weekend workshop on this subject. But I would like to at least offer the basic principles.
7 Ways to Bring Abundance Into Your Life
1. Believe it
You are a child of the whole and deserve only the best. Now, imagine something you are sure that you need and are not afraid to ask for. For example, maybe you are vegetarian, and when you go to a gathering of meat eaters, you will surely expect and demand vegetables to eat instead of meat. And your hosts will certainly listen to you and comply with your wishes.
Stand up and demand this thing that you are sure you need and deserve, out loud.
Now, think of something else, that you long for but perhaps think or believe that you cannot have for some reason. This could be the proverbial million pounds, or maybe a home in the Canaries, or whatever. Now, stand up, and with a clear voice, demand this thing, in the same way you had demanded the thing you know in your bones you need and want.
It is a simple exercise but very powerful in it’s effect.
2. Follow Your Passion
The following exercise comes from the book, ‘The Passion Test’ by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood.
When my life is ideal....
When my life is ideal….

Write the following phrase: “When my life is ideal I am….’
And underneath this statement, write a list of 10 sentences which all begin with that first phrase.
Read over these 10 sentences and feel the power of the transformation that is possible for you. Next, reduce this list to five sentences. And at the end of the list of five sentences, write, ‘or something even better….’
Existence may have something much better than you could have ever dreamed up its sleeve for you, once you open to receive.
Put these five affirmations on a card, which you carry constantly with you, and look at it often. Update it every six months.
3. Power of Intention
Use the power words given to us by Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book, ‘The Power of Intention, Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way’.
As you say the words, check to make sure that you are open and energy is flowing in your life, in all of these areas. If not, you have some homework to do to clear the channel for abundance in your life:

  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Love
  • Beauty
  • Expansion
  • Abundance
  • Receptivity

4. Clear The Way
If you feel that you have energy stagnation around one or more of these areas, you can find inspirational exercises for clearing these, in ‘The Missing Secret’ by Dr. Joe Vitale. One of the primary techniques he uses is the Ho’oponopono technique which comes from the Hawaiian Huna tradition. It is simple and elegant in its effectiveness. I also describe this technique in my online course on the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.
5. Tell the Story

Vision board
Create the vision for your life

Another method, which is essential for abundance and is also a lot of fun, is to create a ‘Story Board’. On a big piece of paper, make a circle. Divide this like pieces in a pie. In each piece of the pie, write a subject: such as, living space, or finances, or love relationship, etc. You can take inspiration from the card you made with the five statements, ‘When my life is ideal I am…’
Write an affirmative statement in each piece of the pie, based on your list of five affirmations. Next, have a stack of magazines with beautiful inspiring pictures in them. Cut out pictures that give you the feeling of your dream or ideal having manifested in pictorial form. Paste the pictures next to the appropriate piece of pie. By the end of this adventure, your whole piece of paper will be full of wonderful and positive affirmations and pictures.
Put your story board in a prominent place where you can see it each day. Update it at least twice a year. You may be surprised how quickly the things on your storyboard begin manifesting in your life.
For computer savvy people, you can also make a storyboard on your computer, and just make sure to look at it regularly.
6. The Ultimate Secret
Hermes Trismegistus
Hermes Trismegistus

Most important is, ‘The Great Law of Magic.’ This comes originally from the mystic who was the fountainhead of the path of the Magi, or the path of alchemists and magicians. His name was Hermes Trismusgustis and he lived many thousands of years ago in Egypt. There is an interesting book on his teachings called ‘The Magicians Library Volume 1: Hermes Trismegistus’
Osho spoke on the Great Law of Magic in his book, ‘My Way The Way of the White Clouds’. He made it very simple to understand and to practise.
Imagine something you want. Next, imagine if you had this thing, what would be your inner state? Perhaps you will be in a state of joy, or of peace, or overflowing creativity, or whatever.
Now, realize that cause and effect are bound together and cannot be disassociated one from the other. A person ordinarily believes that the effect follows the cause. The magical alchemist knows, that he or she can turn this truth on its head: ‘Live the effect, and the cause follows.’
If your effect was joy, for example, be joyful as much as possible, for no reason at all. And you may be shocked to discover how causes come running after you! Of course, you have to be very clear when practising this, that you are not living the result so that causes will happen. No, you have to let go completely of the cause from your mind, and simply be in the result. This is an ego destroying technique and is the supreme-most tool for manifestation.
7. Watch Your Intention
It is important to realise, that whatever we intend, so existence will provide. Energy follows intent. This is a law of life that cannot be altered. Therefore, it is wise to put our intentions out consciously, clearly and cleanly. It is necessary to track those aspects of ourselves, hidden in the subconscious, which rule our lives with less than optimal beliefs.
For example, if you are saying with your conscious mind, “I want to be an artist and make a good living with this” but your subconscious programme is saying, “artists die poor, in the gutter” then obviously, these will cancel each other out and nothing will move on the subject of your creative dreams.
By making a list of your intentions, and checking with your subconscious programmes to make sure there are no contradictions on the subject of your intention, then you are onto a sure-fire winner.
This is deep inner work and dedication, patience and a positive outlook help tremendously. The most valuable support I have found for getting my life in tune is regular meditation practise. Meditation functions like a light, being brought into all the darkest recesses of our inner being. Once illuminated, we are empowered to clear and clean what is not part of our true nature
Osho always used to say, “I am simply removing what you are not, and giving you back who you really are.” Yes, this is the work. Because in actual fact, we are all worthy of abundance, in our creative endeavours, in love and in material needs being met.
Life is a festival. Each day is an opportunity to rejoice in deepest gratitude, for a life well lived.
Love Sarita
Sarita will be running a 1 day workshop “Sex, Love & Abundance” in Bristol, UK on 31 August.

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