Aluna – A film from the Kogi Indians of Colombia

I have to begin by saying that I believe that the Kogi Indians of Colombia are the most refined, intelligent, sensitive and advanced civilization on this planet today. Their most recent documentary, ALUNA, is a must see film.
Kogi2I have been researching the Kogi for the past 20 years, since the first time I saw the astonishing BBC documentary, ‘The Heart of the World’ by Alan Eirera. Later, I read his book, as well as two books by Eric Julian, who lived with the Kogi for months on end and wrote about his experiences.
The Kogi are a pre-Colombian civilization, with direct links to the earlier Tairona civilisation. They live high up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Colombia. Before the conquistadors came, they had a whole network of eco-villages and pathways throughout the Sierra Nevada, from the highest peaks to the coastal area. Their villages blended perfectly with the surroundings, with minimal impact on the ecology of the region. The structure of their society is deeply respectful of nature and of human beings. They feel they were placed on this earth to be custodians and protectors of the Mother, of a living Gaia. All actions are done in accord with Aluna, the mysterious force, which is the source of our universe.
The conquistadores came and ravaged the land and killed the indigenous people. The people fled up the mountain, seeking refuge with their wise enlightened beings who act as spiritual guides. These beings are called Mamas or Mamos. They live in the highest part of the Sierra Nevada. The Mamos devised a way of hiding the Kogi from the intruders and they continued to remain invisible for 500 years.
Kogi3One day, through divination and experience, they realized that if they didn’t come out of hiding and educate us on what we are doing wrong, the very planet is in danger of being destroyed through our ignorance. They refer to themselves as the ‘Older Brother’ and to the so-called civilized man as the ‘younger brother.’ They invited the BBC to make a film where they could deliver their message. Then, they closed the gate into their world, allowing no one to enter uninvited. They waited 20 years to see if the ‘younger brother’ would ‘get’ the message. Recently, they realised that a stronger message is needed since it appears that younger brother is hell bent on self-destruction. They called on Alan Eirrera, who made the original film, to help them make this new film, Aluna.
Kogi6This time, they themselves created the film, and show us, through their own eyes, how the world of spirit and matter functions. They went to enormous trouble to get some of their people trained in film-making. The film explores their sacred sites and ceremonies, how they are constantly maintaining stability on the earth and protecting her from damage, through their rituals, wisdom and way of being. It is a highly educational, inspirational and heart opening, with some phenomenal scenery and facts about how eco systems function. Alan has done a magnificent job of editing their film into a message we of the ‘developed world’ can absorb.
It is a cutting edge documentary, which radically alters the way we see and experience life.
Kogi1Alan has had to raise the funds for it independently, in order to maintain the integrity of the Kogi, with their own message, undiluted and direct. It is my sincere wish that this film can spread far and wide, supporting the wisdom of the Kogi to be heard by one and all. You can click on the link to access the film, and then, please send this link to everyone you can. Everyone needs to hear this message, and act on it, for the good of ourselves, for our children and for our planet.
The project manager for this film is my friend Jean-Paul, and he is trying to establish maximum distribution, in film festivals, ecological gatherings, festivals and more. Please contact him if you have any questions about distribution.
Love Sarita

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Can you please let me know the details of the two books by Eric Julian that you mentioned? I’ve searched on Google & Abebooks with no success.
Much appreciated. Thank you.

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