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Ask Sarita: Business

Sarita loves to answer your questions, so if there’s something you’d like her advice on, please email her and let her know if you are happy for it to be published (you can remain anonymous). Here she answers a question on: business and competition.
Dear Sarita,
If I follow Tantra and love my business and competition, how do I survive? Is there a way out?
Dear Tony,
If you practise Tantra, the whole of your life will fall in tune with a Tantra way of life, meaning a balanced life. Business is not incompatible with Tantra. In fact, you may become even better at your business. The reason is, because you will discover a wellspring of bliss within yourself, and this bliss will naturally begin overflowing towards everyone you meet. They will begin asking you what your secret is. I know of one man, who was doing billion dollar deals with oil magnates in the bank where he worked. He was at the top of his profession. He and his wife embarked on my seven level Tantra training for couples. The more Tantra he did, the less he wanted to relate to the ‘sharks’ who traded in arms deals and oil. Finally he managed to quit his job, stepping into the unknown.
After a few months, his bank called him up and said, “We have noticed that you have become progressively more happy in recent years. Our employees have been asking what your secret is. We would like to invite you back into a new position created just for you. We want you to create a program which will teach our staff to find happiness.” He went back to work for even more pay and a great deal more job satisfaction.
Of course the key here is: practise Tantra, don’t just think about it!
Love Sarita x

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