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Ask Sarita: Cosmic Essence

Sarita loves to answer your questions, so if there’s something you’d like her advice on, please email her and let her know if you are happy for it to be published (you can remain anonymous). Here she answers a question on: the cosmic essence.
Dear Sarita,
If the cosmic essence that created our world and all of life is forever moving, what is that which is still and who created that? Does it exist outside our universe?”
Dear Jenny,
“Ahhh, a cosmic question! This sounds exactly like the kind of question which I used to ponder for hours alone in bed at night as a child. I was determined to discover exactly how the universe and all of life functions by pondering over it with burning intensity. In those days, I was like a heat seeking missile, traversing the entire universe with my powers of intuition, in search of the big answer.
Mystics down the ages have been trying to define it. Quantum physicists are trying to discover it. In 1973, I met a Mystic named Osho, who stopped my heat seeking missile in it’s tracks. I heard him say: “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.” The day I heard him say these words, I entered into the mystery. As I dive ever deeper into the mystery, there is no end in sight. In other words, we cannot hope to grasp this vast mystery with our small minds. The mind by it’s very nature is a bio computer, designed to catalogue past experiences and prepare for future experiences. Mind lives in past and future, both of which are illusory. Mind cannot understand the present moment, which is the only life aspect which is actually alive and happening. The only way to understand life is through immersion in the present moment. And of course, this moment goes on changing. What is real now will no longer be real in 10 minutes. Therefore, reality is a moment by moment changing flow, very liquid. And as everyone knows, we cannot hold flowing water in our hands. In the same way, we cannot hold flowing ever changing reality in our minds, and define it.
Having said that, I will now define it, with the clear understanding that any definition is bound to be illusory. The only usefulness my definition could serve is to inspire you in jumping beyond the small mind into the vast unending mystery.
Shakti, the feminine principle is ever changing liquid life essence, the very nectar of life, which can be summed up in one word, ‘Love.’
Shiva, the masculine principle, is the pillar of consciousness which remains unmoving.
Between these two, is the creation principle.
The whole secret of creation is in that point of meeting. It is a portal into ultimate reality, or the oneness which is beyond duality.
The elements of Shiva and Shakti and the point of union are omnipresent within and around us at all times.
In Tantra scriptures, the eternal stillness, or oneness, is that formless field of pure potential from where everything arises, and to where everything will return. It is called Brahma.
In Quantum Physics, it is called Zero Point Energy.
In Tantra scriptures, the impulse for life, arising from Brahma is prana, a subtle breath of life, which brings the impulse for creation to manifest.
In Quantum physics theory, there is a particle called Tachyon which is the messenger from the Zero Point Field, breathing life from the unformed to the sustaining aspect of form, called the ‘orbit’ or ’subtle organizing energy field’ In a sense, this is the soul of matter.
As prana, (tachyon) inspires the creation principle, Brahma through this subtle messenger, is thus able to split into two, ie, duality, and in this way the dance of life and of creation can begin. The dance of creation happens below light speed, and the zero point field or Brahma is above light speed. As we are identified with the slower than light world of manifest form, we are not able to comprehend the ocean of the formless from which we spring. And yet, it is us, as the imprint of Brahma is our very essence from where we manifest. Therefore, we carry an inherent longing to know it, and to merge with this original oneness. The original oneness, or zero point field, beyond light speed, is all around us each moment. Asking if it is outside our universe is in a way like asking if the ocean is in a different place from where the fish swims.
And yet, your question is valid, because we cannot see it, or measure it, or grasp it in any way. So it appears very distant from us. The only way to know it, is to raise our vibration to a non-frequency state, which is impossible if there is identification with form. The only way to move beyond form is through consciousness. Our consciousness is unformed and can move anywhere and everywhere, according to our ability to expand into the limitless mystery. It is for this reason that the science of meditation has been developed. Meditation is the way to become an explorer of our inner universe. And there are no limits to the exploration. Great mystics come finally to the facticity of what is known as the ‘cosmic joke.’ And strangely, when you are able to be in the mystery and laugh about it, a really uproarious belly laugh, you got it! As the Mystic Kabir said, the ocean melts into the dewdrop.
It is interesting that whatever you are interested in is pulled towards you. As a child, having wanted very intensively to find the essence of life, I manifested a lifestyle where I have been given phenomenal tools to discover this essence, such as meditation with enlightened masters, Tachyon consciousness raising tools, and other forms of therapy and healing which have greatly accelerated my potential to realize universal consciousness. It is my passion to make these tools and processes available for the benefit of all beings who are thirsty to wake up to their fullest potential.
Love Sarita x

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