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Ask Sarita: Karma

Sarita loves to answer your questions, so if there’s something you’d like her advice on, please email her and let her know if you are happy for it to be published (you can remain anonymous). Here she answers a question on karma.
I have heard that it is important to unwind and dissolve karma. Please tell me how karma gets created in the first place? I would like to know how to avoid creating new karma.
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Ahhh, this is a red hot subject as it points the finger into every aspect of our lives. In essence, karma is any action or expression which is not completed. In a sense it is like constipation. The digestive process was started and got stuck somewhere before it could come to its full conclusion. This leaves the person feeling bunged up, stagnant and sluggish. In order to illustrate the subject of karma in relation to past lives I like to use the following as an example:
Mr X has a house. He is an avid consumer and within several years he has filled his house to the top with things of all kinds. Because there are so many things, it is hard to clean the house and so eventually it becomes very dirty. He is not willing to throw anything away, but rather hoards everything. Finally the situation becomes unbearable, so he moves out of that house, and moves into a brand new house. He simply walks away, leaving the old house as it is. As he has not transformed his outlook, he then begins filling up his new house, up, up to the brim it goes, and he then moves out into yet another new house. And so it goes. Finally, when he has filled up many houses and walked away from them, he realizes this cannot go on. He makes a promise to himself that he is going to devote himself to cleaning each and every house from top to bottom. Of course, this is not a very pleasant task, and he must apply himself rigorously in order to get the job done.
The above story illustrates how karma accumulates from life to life. When someone steps onto the path of personal development, meditation and healing, usually they have made a pact with themselves in the space in between lives that the next life will be devoted to cleaning up all the karma. There is a certain reluctance for the task at hand, and yet an inner knowing that there is nothing more important than this. Because there is a willingness to clean the karma, existence will often support this by putting techniques and people on our path which will support us in this endeavour. We just need to be open to this and ready and willing to ‘go for it!’ It is my understanding that if you really go for it you can clean up even very stubborn karma within the space of about 7 years. Some excellent ways to achieve this are:  Colour Light Therapy, the Transmitter Relays series,Hypnosis Regression, a Family Constellation, Vipassana and Satori Retreats.
I am going to give a very simple story of how karma gets created and how this remains in the body as a ‘body memory.’ I had a Japanese woman for treatment who had pain in her back. There was a knot in a particular place related to the kidneys. I worked on the knot and while doing so asked her to enter inside the area with her awareness and let me know if there was a memory being held there. She remembered driving in the car with her boyfriend. It was raining very hard and he was driving too fast. She was afraid. I asked her to speak, and to say what she couldn’t express at that time. Being Japanese, she was very polite, and said the equivalent of: “Kind sir, it is raining very hard and I beg of you to please slow down. Sorry to impose my thoughts on you.” The hard knot in her back remained solid and painful. I asked her to keep going, finding out what she truly wanted to say then but didn’t. She tried many times to come up with her true thoughts and feelings from that time without success. Finally, the dam burst and she simply blurted out: “It’s raining very hard! Slow down, you asshole!” The moment she said, “you asshole!” the hard knot in her back dissolved and the pain vanished. You see, this was what she really wanted to say, but didn’t. It had remained as an incomplete issue retained in her physical body as a hard ‘karmic’ knot.
Of course, it is possible to express our truth in the moment without needing to say unkind words. But it is essential, if we are angry, to find a way to release it rather than repressing it. The same goes for any of our emotions. Unexpressed emotions, whether they be positive or negative, is one of the most common ways to create karma. Basically, not going for our truth, no matter what that is, will be karma creating. Personal truth is connected to our deep soul calling. We all came in with a purpose. If you don’t live what you came to live, it creates stagnation in the flow of your life force energy. The more we meditate, the more conscious we will become of our soul calling. We learn to dissolve old karmic patterns and to live in such a transparent way that we don’t create new patterns.
If you want to see your karma, usually you have to go no further than your own house. Our houses are mirrors of our body and mind. They way you keep your house indicates a great deal about your inner world. For this reason, a good way of beginning karma clearing is to bring in someone who does de-cluttering, who will help you become clear physically and emotionally in regards to your inner and outer space. For this work, I highly recommend Prasthano. As you go through the de-cluttering process, you will become aware of how attached you are to being stuffed up with things. A clear and empty space may create nervous tension. This is because you are stuffed up inside with emotional baggage and incomplete life issues. When you begin karma clearing from the house angle, it will make you very aware of how much you are carrying and how difficult it is to let go. But as you finally do let go, you will realize the great relief this brings, both inner and outer. Feng Shui was developed as science for creating a new pristine inner state through the outer organization of your home or office. This is simply to illustrate that you can approach the subject of karma from a very basic physical angle, or from a more esoteric angle. Both approaches will lead to the same result, a sense of cleanliness, purity and flow, as well as being in tune with your own soul.  Buddha has spoken about a non-karma creating lifestyle as having the following attributes:
1) Right thought
2) Right speech
3) Right action
4) Right livelihood
In essence, all of this is to say, if you can live your life in such a way that you are in surrender to your soul and your soul is in tune with your spirit, then all will be well. The state of wholeness is when body, mind, soul and spirit are all in tune, dancing to the same cosmic rhythm.
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