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Ask Sarita: Sensitivity

Sarita loves to answer your questions, so if there’s something you’d like her advice on, please email her and let her know if you are happy for it to be published (you can remain anonymous). Here she answers a question on sensitivity.
Dear Sarita,
Sometimes I find the world so harsh and insensitive – what’s the reason for this and how can it be transformed?
Love and blessings,
Dear Paul,
The reason for human insensitivity is because we have a tendency to fear both physical and psychological pain. In order to protect ourselves from such pain, we create layers of protection and armouring. Naturally, when one is living in fear and protection, we tend to go into a defensive mode, always on the alert that someone may attack our stronghold and break down our defenses. When someone lives in a defensive and protected state, they will not feel much. The layers of protection prevent us from feeling anything. And when we are in such an insensitive state, there will be a tendency to need extremes of sensation in order to feel alive at all. We crave constant and extreme modes of excitement, entertainment, violence, tastes and smells, because we actually have very little ability to sense anything at all.
The way to come through this is to turn around and embrace our pain, our fear and our dullness. Instead of running away from these dark corners of our being, we can face them, and learn the lessons hidden there. In many cases, we will come face to face with our inner child, who was hurt, and carries the wound as an embedded imprint. This imprint can be transformed through love. The moment we are able to face our fear, to embrace the wounding with awareness, it will automatically transform into love, since love is our very essence. As we pierce through the layers of pain and protection, we will come face to face with the quality of love, which is omnipresent in the universe.
Love Sarita x

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