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Beyond 2012

Sarita answers questions on how the world will be different post-2012 according to the teachings of Tantra, and the role women have to play in the New Dawn society. Questions were posed by Dana Indāne. This article was originally published in Latvian magazine IVEA.
Please tell us about the changes that we can expect now December 2012 has passed, according to the teachings of Tantra?
An ancient scripture called Kaula Tantra states: “There is a brotherhood of Tantrics waiting to be brought to life. This brotherhood will awaken as the end of the Kali age approaches. Recognizing the potent female principle of life, the brotherhood of Tantra will transform this polluted world. Then, at the exact moment when one age transforms into the next, those faithful followers of the selfless path will reach their goal.”
Do we still have time to prepare for these changes? And what about those who haven’t had any interest in spiritual matters so far – do they have time to change, to prepare themselves or is it too late?
In Tantra scripture, there are details about four ages that come in regular cyles throughout creation and what they represent. We are now in the sunset of the Kali Yuga, which is the age of chaos and ignorance. In actual fact, these ages, or Yugas, are in tune with aspects of consciousness and unconsciousness. We all carry within us the possibility to ‘wake up’ to a new golden age within ourselves. If enough people wake up to the inner golden age, the outer golden age will soon manifest. Each person has the choice, moment by moment as to whether they prefer to live in chaos and ignorance or to tune themselves to resonate with Love.
Being in the Kali Yuga, there is much chaos, and this can propel individuals into awakening more quickly than if all is ease and harmony. There is a greater chance of mass enlightenment at times like this. From wherever a person is on their path, if they let go into personal development, healing and meditation, they will be carried rapidly into spiritual awakening, as the river of life is moving that way. Just don’t fight the river, and you will be moving in the right direction!
At the moment the world is facing a tremendous crisis – spiritual, emotional, physical, material. What can each of us do to help ourselves and those around us? There probably are many people who are willing to give, but feel too valueless – feel unable to make a change. What can we do?
There is a wonderful saying that if you think you can’t change the world, sit and experience what one mosquito can do to awaken and perturb…..You are not helpless nor are you small. Each person affects 1000 people per week in a butterfly effect. Be conscious of the ripples you are spreading each moment, and spread ripples of loving kindness. Just imagine if 100 people, for one day, spread loving kindness and what kind of impact that will have! If you want inspiration for this positive movement, read the newspaper called Positive News. Translate it into your language and spread it far and wide. There are many people doing their small bit, who never imagined that their small bit would become an international movement having much positive impact. Feel into where you are called to do your bit for consciousness raising, and just go for it. You will feel so good following your bliss, that this will spread wonderful transformation into the collective consciousness.
What is the role of a woman and femininity in after 2012? How women, help our loved ones in this crucial moment? What are or strengths and weaknesses we should work on to be the support for our families and society? Should we work just with ourselves or should we focus on relationship with people around us?
Women, it is you who will transform this world, through your love, your insight and your awareness of the importance of love and beauty in all areas of life. It is very important for women to connect, through goddess gatherings and forums for exchange of information. Invite speakers to your forums, who can educate you on sexuality, childbirth, relationships, creativity, business, health, food and so much more. Publish your findings on the web, and spread this worldwide.
Gather together to put an end to all kinds of stupidities perpetuated against humanity by people who look human but do not act human. You know who these so called humans are, the medical mafia, the fast food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the perpetrators of genetically modified food, the weapons industry, the chemicals industry, the polluters of rivers, oceans and lakes, bankers who line their pockets at the expense of the people, politicians who lie and cheat in the name of service, the war mongers, and the spiritual mafia who enslave the souls of the young children before they are at an age to decide for themselves if they want a religion or not.
There have been two times in history that women stopped war from happening by refusing to sleep with any man who was going to wage war. Within a week, a peace treaty was signed, in both cases! Wake up to your power, women! You can stop war if you get together as a sisterhood. We are one half of humanity, remember that. Women are programmed by nature to bond together and to have harmony and oneness in outlook. Start the ball rolling in your own community, and witness the miracle as your motivated action spreads, bringing seeds and flowers of love to this world. Just do it, if not for yourself, then for your children and your children’s children. Let them inherit a world they can be proud of. Let them remember you with pride, as being one of the ones who turned it all around.
In order to move forward in this direction, the support of meditation, healing and Tantra is of great value. These will help you to follow your bliss. And when you follow your bliss, you will be creating a blissful relationship, a blissful family, a blissful community and a blissful world.
See IVEA online here.

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