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Sarita’s friend Kavida Rei, co-founder of deep dating site Sensual Spirit, talks about how all kinds of beautiful relationships can start online
Online dating – it’s all the rage. Five years ago hardly anybody would admit to looking for a hot date online, even if they were! Now of course, most people wouldn’t hesitate at signing up for a trial run at least. The trouble with most online dating sites is that they are big and bland. Just like a superstore, you can wander round for hours and not find what you really want within the vast selection on offer.
Sensual Spirit is a unique dating website created specially for people who lead a holistic lifestyle and have a strong spiritual compass.
After attending Sarita’s Tantra courses for many years, I realised there was a need for Tantric singles to be able to find each other. If you’re inclined towards an alternative or Tantric lifestyle it means that you’re the kind of person who probably prefers a 5 Rhythms class over a sweaty nightclub or who would rather go to a yoga session than the hit the pub for a couple of pints. You certainly wouldn’t want to waste an evening making small talk, hoping you don’t say something that will cause your dinner date to think you’re away with the fairies…I’m pretty sure that a large percentage of the members on Guardian Soulmates wouldn’t know their chakras from their Shiatsu or their karma from their Kundalini.
Everyone on Sensual Spirit is personally vetted and each profile is checked to make sure that the member is suitable for this virtual community. I have got my ‘scan time’ down to a record three seconds and can ascertain almost instantly whether someone is genuine or not. If any issues arise, for example if inappropriate behaviour is reported, we investigate immediately and I like to think that I really take care of the members on the site, as if they were personal friends.
People have shared some wonderful stories about dates they’ve been on. Even when members don’t ‘hook up’ romantically they generally seem to have a fulfilling get-together anyway – swapping massages, practising Tantric meditations, meeting at an interesting lecture or enjoying a walk in nature. There have definitely been some deep and lasting relationships springing up out of the site although no babies have been born yet (that we know of).
On Sensual Spirit we post all sorts of happening events, places to go, hot date spots and therapies that might be of interest to a Sensual Spirit.
One of the things I do best in ‘real life’ is to get lovely people together, and so it’s a great privilege to be able to provide a safe place on the internet for love to blossom and relationships to grow.
Love Kavida

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I have been a student of Yoga for many years and recently I have read several books on Tantra and have tired some of the teachings with a partner with a great deal of success. At the moment I do not have a partner and would like to find one who is also interested in spiritual intimacy, tantra.

I’ve come to a new place in my life that ultimately I’ve been searching for… So close but yet so far from the other half understanding a deeper connection…the ultimate connection.
Looking for that one to become one with.
~ jen

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