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Abundance and the Law of Magic: Sarita's Blog

Since the early 1900’s, a little book with a big message has been continuously in print. From this book, many other books and teachings have sprouted which revolve around the theme of ‘Abundance and the law of attraction’.

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Pleasure as a Spiritual Path: Sarita's Blog

For some strange reason, down the ages, there has been a war of minds about the virtues or damages of using pleasurable states as a support for spiritual awakening.

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Creating a Holistic Business: Sarita's Blog

Business is one subject I never thought I would be writing a blog about. However, so many people have asked me to offer tips on how to live their passion and make a living doing so, that I decided to jump in the deep end and share my experience with this subject.

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Blessing For Body, Mind and Soul: Sarita's Blog

Since time immemorial, mystics have been taking retreats in order to commune with higher consciousness and evolve spiritually. In India, the combination of Yoga, Ayurveda and meditation has given rise to a sub-culture

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Beyond 2012

Sarita answers questions on how the world will be different post-2012 according to the teachings of Tantra, and the role women have to play in the New Dawn society. Questions were posed by Dana Indāne. This article was originally published in Latvian magazine IVEA.

Blogs by Sarita Divine Sexuality Mysticism & Consciousness Tantric Life

A New Vision of Paradise: Sarita's Blog

“This very place, the Lotus Paradise,
This very body, the Buddha.”

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Portal of Love: Sarita's Blog

THIS IS IT; the month we have been waiting for. Some people have been waiting with fear, or trepidation, some with excitement and enthusiasm, to discover what will happen on 21st December 2012.

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Sarita's Pearls of Wisdom

Here’s some top tips from Sarita for living a joyful, ecstatic life: from loving the body to loving yourself and living in communion with life.

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The Power of Forgiveness: Sarita's Blog

As we prepare for the New Year ahead and the new dawn of humanity, it is essential to clear up incomplete issues we carry with the people we have been, or are, close to.

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The Rhythm of Life: Sarita's Blog

This blog is devoted to music as the essence of life, for music is a path, leading directly to the soundless sound, Aum. We are attuned to music from our earliest life experience in the womb, with the heartbeat of the mother, and other ambient sounds the mother is exposed to during pregnancy.