Creativity: Forms of the Feminine

A poem from Kamla, raw food goddess, healer, teacher and mystic extraordinaire! This beautiful poem is an ode to the feminine in all her forms.
Travelling over Gaia
Caressing the stars in her body
an entire cosmos moves beneath his hands.
He speaks to her of his dark-demon night,
of lying beneath the Milky Way,
seeing the constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpio
pointing to the centre of the sky.
His touch on her heart points to the centre of her being,
to the Oneness that opens like a perfect dewy pink rose.
A spiralling twirl of fingers encloses her breast in tender anointing
and her hand trembles in response.
He strokes her brow and her third eye opens wide.
An echoing pulse beats in the hidden core of senses
in that other rose, which is sweeter scented than any flower.
A glorious Home is here.
Leaving his temple of adoration, she sees a sign:
“In my garden, Love grows”.
© Kamla Deva 2 July 2010

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