Creativity: Richness of India

Madhuri Jewel is Sarita’s sister. Madhuri is a gifted psychic, healer, teacher and poet, and this poem is her take on the blessings of India to the Western consumer.
Weight Loss Guaranteed
Oh poor huge fat western human
Great folds overworking your jeans
Sweatshirt stretched for heavyweight unbudging stuff bulging

Madhuri Jewel

Hark! Here’s what you can do:
Sell a piled hill of toys, and cash in the trundle-wagon
Which carries all your bewildered tonnage moiling.
Buy a ticket! Get out in New Delhi with one bag
And be completely freaked out while you navigate beggars
And shoving porters and touts, and stand firm within yourself
Till you get to your hotel. The AC will rattle like Iowa thunder!
Sleep if you can. Next day throw away your phone
And half your jars of pills. Drink water out of plastic bottles
One by one. Let somebody charge too much to book for you
A train ticket to Shimla. (Manali or Dharmsala work fine too.)
Stay six months please. Walk slowly at first – you’ll get a parasite
Right away, and there’ll be a week in bed, the medicine
Will feel like yellow death, you’ll live, you’ll lighten, you’ll walk,
Crowds and crowds of brown pipecleaners will mill and stare, mill and stare
At five fellows stuffed into one. But you’ll shrink – and shrink some more –
Keep walking – there are wildflowers, and ponies, and rocky streams,
And mountains stretched out like silk scarves pointy glowing
Around the whole entire rim of the world –
And one day while you’re hiking in your new loose cotton pants
You’ll meet a Swedish woman who will invite you to Uppsala –
Madhuri, Hebden Bridge, 2013

One reply on “Creativity: Richness of India”

Hello Madhuri
I love your poem.
It is not only working about weight loss.
losing so much other overweight luggage we carry
and the feeling of humbleness and gratefulness
will replace the packed storage of our minds
much love to you

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