Creativity: God is Everywhere

Our resident mystic Kamla on how the divine is everywhere in life. Are you a budding poet, author, songwriter, or painter? Send us your creative outpourings (including video clips and mp3s) and we may publish them.
Woods and Wandering Bones
“I see God everywhere”, the dying man said.
I too see things differently,
though I am just dying to this moment.
I see light and shade, depth, patterns,
colours, signs and portents.
I feel textures, space, air,
the log beneath my back.
This old dead tree is gnarled like dinosaur skin,
old logs lie like bleached bones on the forest floor.
I feel the fossils forming as time stretches
into infinity, and the past dies away.
Will my body become a find
for some future Palaeontologist?
I feel the bridge, the doorway,
the gateway to something other.
You may see it’s just an old broken tree, I feel its deeper heart,
stepping through the portal to mystery.
Where is the One who is dying, just being here now?
Passed through the woods,
glimpsed through the trees,
heard on the wind.
“I see God everywhere”, the dying man said.
Me too.

© Kamla Deva (pictured left) 2 July 2010 All Rights Reserved.
Photograph of Maui woods copyright Kamla Deva

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