A Life-Changing Love Affair With Myself

At May’s Silent Meditation and Live Food Detox Retreat, Vera Waters switched off the laptop, said goodbye to the mobile phone and stopped….and in the silence found herself.
Silent Meditation and Live Food Detox Retreat – a review by Vera Waters

Niten’s delicious raw food

If you are thinking that you need ‘time out’ for quiet reflection and to connect with yourself again in these busy lives of ours then I would definitely recommend the Silent Meditation and Live Food Detox Retreat at Croydon Hall facilitated by Sarita, a beautiful and wise woman. The structure was challenging for the likes of myself who hardly meditates, however, the joy of being silent, not talking, switching of mobile and laptop and not reading any books … but replacing this with meditating, chanting and spending luscious time doing yoga exercises with the wonderful and special Ekant was indeed a treat beyond my imagination! Coupled with this the joy of dancing, listening to wonderful music both live and recorded was enchanting. Zen walking in nature along with periods of meditating outside was beneficial in remembering this connection we all have to mother earth, the simplicity of life and just listening to the wonderful sounds of nature all around us. Beautiful and full of wonderment.
This retreat has brought me back to remembering ‘my-self’ again after many months of challenge and upheaval in my life affecting my overall health and well-being. It was great to live in the moment and not think, do, or be interrupted in daily outside influences. It was a relief to remind myself that I am the captain of my own life, that the choices I make are mine, the thoughts I think are mine and my actions are mine, no one else to blame or judge. Just me…. and that I do have choices … Daily individual time in counselling with Sarita was welcome and blessed in her generous words of wisdom and abundant love.
Meditating at Croydon Hall

Infused with all this, by allowing the expansion of time, everything seemed perfect and natural, unrushed and unhurried. Bliss. So the crème de la crème of this experience so to speak, (ha ha), was the extraordinary raw food delights prepared by the gorgeous Niten (who has boundless energy reserves, I tell you!) … a French chef who now lives in Ibizia. His passion and flair for the culinary expertise is totally beyond words…..  I can only describe the raw food diet as being back in ‘the Garden of Eden’ (not that I remember it too well, however, some memory stirred)…
A healing session with Chintan was a very special experience; an hour and a half of cranio sacral work alongside a very gentle approach to healing some very deep wounds and painful memories that emerged.
Despite feeling exhausted from months of personal inner chaos, lack of sleep, intake of too much junk food, addictive behaviours, menopause and painful knees (not in a great heap of health, I must say!) I did wonder if I would make it to the sessions which started at 6am and finished at 10pm ish .. then straight to bed.. however, it was a totally amazing inspiring experience and a love affair with myself, that I’d forgotten. Recommend it? Absolutely!! ..
I have been home for nearly three weeks now. I have decided to continue meditating daily, have changed my diet and been taking steps to healing my addictive behaviours and being more loving to myself. It’s working, I am just starting to feel more energy and inspired about life again…
Thank you to Sarita and her wonderful team.
In blessings, love and peace
Vera Waters

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