Welcome to Couple�s Tantra! There is a saying that walking the path of Tantra as a couple is the fastest path to Enlightenment but is like walking on a razor�s edge. The razor�s edge symbolises the quagmire many couples tumble into; emotional entanglements, misunderstandings in regards to communication, and or sexual issues.

When we practice Tantra methods as a couple, we discover a ‘sweet spot’ where both partners evolve into a state of oneness. This has a very powerful and positive impact on the relationship as a whole. In Tantra Essence couple’s retreats, we also teach how to move through and transform the various challenges that can arise in relationship.


Give yourself and your partner the gift of quality time to explore, heal, open up and transform your relationship. Discover your true potential for divine sexuality, love and ecstasy. Unravel the mystery posed by the phenomenon of love and relating and discover the nectar contained in the meeting of polarities.

During couple’s retreats, we offer you special techniques you will be practicing together, in the privacy of your bedroom, to spice up and bring fulfilment to each aspect of your love relationship. You can take these techniques with you to continue practicing after the retreat, thereby empowering your couple to continue evolving and ‘rising in love.’



Biologically, nature wishes for us to procreate for the survival of the species. To this end, nature has made the mating game and coitus as very alluring and pleasurable pursuits. This same energy which is available for procreation can be invited in and up through our entire body, leading to spiritual transformation. Since thousands of years, Tantra Masters and Mystics have offered methods for refining our basic biological drive, helping us to experience not only physical, but also cosmic inner-ecstasy states.

Some of the challenges couples face can appear insurmountable. However, by practicing Tantra meditations in intimacy, many problems simply melt away as if they had never been! The quality of Tantric union is divine and fulfilling on multi levels of being and this erases the need to wallow in suffering of all kinds.

Projections are a major issue for couples and this is why, we teach the Gestalt Therapy ‘Projection Exercise’ early on in the Soul Mate series of groups. Another issue creating friction in many couples are outbursts of anger. This is why we teach the ‘Couple’s Pillow Beating Meditation’, discovering how to release anger in a safe and transformative way. Conscious communication is an important tool for couples as is conscious touch and massage so these skills are also included in our couples retreats. In fact, everything we do in the couples retreats are designed to maximise your ability to discover love and fulfilment with your partner.

The good news is, you can begin the Tantra path from where you are now in your couple. If you are in a troubled relationship, for whatever reason, if both partners are willing to show up and practice Tantra, you can transform your relationship dynamics easily and naturally.

To be in a couple, following the path of Tantra is a supreme gift in one’s life. Many people dream of one day finding their soul mate and instead, may find very ordinary and unfulfilling relationships or perhaps are unable to find a partner at all. To be with another human being who is willing to dive deeply into love, intimacy and the expansion of consciousness is a tremendous blessing!

We have the potential within the phenomenon of the couple to attain enlightenment together. It is a delicate path, needing patience, intelligence, sensitivity and dedication. For those couples who simply wish to discover a more harmonious and fulfilling union, Tantra offers a plethora of resources for this as well.

Through years of experience on the path of Tantra alone and in relationship, Sarita has discovered a wealth of secrets to heal, uplift, transform and enlighten couples of all ages and from all walks of life.



Tantra for couples has a long and mystic heritage. Since time immemorial in India, Tibet, China and much of the eastern world, enlightened masters and mystics have been offering their compassionate methods to seekers of truth. Various masters have highlighted couples work as being an integral aspect of the Tantra path. An example of this is a scripture called the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra which is written as a love dialogue between Lord Shiva and his beloved, Paravati. She asks him questions about the nature of life, love and spirituality and he answers in the form of 112 meditation techniques encapsulating all the facets of human life experience.

Other great Tantra masters have also highlighted the exaltation possible in the couple, such as Abhivanagupta from Kashmir, Sarahafrom central India, (who was initiated into Tantra by a woman master who was simultaneously his beloved) Padma Sambhava who moved from north India to Tibet and who had two consorts who he practiced Tantra with. (He is highly revered in Tibet, being known as the second Buddha.) The Baul Mystics, wandering minstrels on the Tantra path, worship women as the embodiment of the divine goddess and attain to highest states of consciousness through love and devotion.

Through Tantra methodology we are catapulted onto a path of enlightenment. We are invited to apply witnessing and love to our body, emotions, mind and soul, and including our relationships. Through the practice of different and varied series of ‘Love Appointments’ with your partner, based on particular methods and themes, you will find yourself evolving very rapidly into who you are meant to be in your wholeness.

As we open to our bodies own inner wisdom, we discover that every cell contains the whole universe. As above, so below. As within, so without. When a woman and man come together in sacred union, she represents his inner woman and he represents her inner man. Deep transformation happens through tantric practices with a beloved. We discover unity consciousness beyond duality.


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I am inspired by the positive erotic and spiritual transformation I have experienced through couples Tantra. I invite you and your partner to experience methods to open this door with sensitivity and intelligence – thereby creating a tremendous resource for the development of conscious love. It is a sacred transmission which jumps like a flame from heart to heart. Join me on this magic carpet ride! By honouring intimacy and love as a sacred spiritual path, we make this world a better place. The more love there is in the world, the more our relationships and society will change, in nurturing, positive and uplifting ways.