Drunk on the Divine in Sacred Japan

Sarita visits Okinawa and meets Japanese masters Kohrogi Sensei and Uezusan, and practises meditations and has healing sessions with them. She also visits to the Kamakura Bamboo Temple and Sacred Sites on Okinawa (Utaki).


I am in paradise, in the form of a resort in Okinawa. From the large comfortable room, which I am sharing with Anne, double glass doors lead onto a big balcony, which looks directly over luxurious lawns leading to the private beach. Tropical trees create a lush environment. The sea is clear turquoise and I can see small islands dotting the horizon. In our tour group are 13 wonderful people from France, Lithuania, Riga, Slovakia, Germany, Scotland and England.
I have just received an Ito Thermie healing session with Kohrogi Sensei, an awakened healer and spiritual teacher. I gave him a gift of a hemp bag, which he was delighted with. Using the technique Ito Thermie, which uses burning incense placed in two slim stainless steal rods, he made long sensuous strokes all over my body, something like a master calligrapher. He spent a long time on my belly with a very hot flame. I went into deep surrender. For the first time receiving Ito Thermie, I heard music through the sensation. I was bathing in an ocean of Aum. It was phenomenal, and yet I felt so relaxed with it, just enjoying the eternal moment. At the end, he said, “you have taken a big step in your meditation and I am very happy to see you don’t have attachment to this.”
Yesterday our tour group arrived here, having traveled from Kamakura in the morning. We took a train to the airport in Tokyo, and from there took plane, rental vans and ferry to this island, stopping on the way for a fabulous macrobiotic lunch.
Kamakura Bamboo Temple

The few days spent in Kamakura were quite simply, becoming drunk on beauty. The cherry blossoms were in full flower and the whole population was out in force, celebrating this yearly event. We visited many Zen temples, each one more beautiful than the last. In perpetual awe and wonder, we were further overcome by the phenomenal macrobiotic meals served to us, each one a work of art and utterly delicious. We also experienced a few Za-Zen meditation sessions guided by Zen Masters of Zen stick fame. Yes, I did get hit with the Zen stick, which brought me sharply out of my jet lag!
I am in my element, like a fish in water. In a few minutes, I will have to tear myself away from this letter in order to go and eat another fabulous feast served overlooking sea. The air is humid but not too hot, just pleasant. Afterwards, Anne and I want to go for a long walk. Today, all day, Kohrogi Sensei is giving sessions to everyone in the group, one at a time. So we have free time around this schedule to enjoy and relax. I feel as I absorb all this pleasure, beauty and meditation, I am somehow sharing it with you and carry love for you in my heart as I go to lunch.
Natsukashi – coming back home

This is a note before going to bed. Today our Natsukashi group started. Natsukashi means ‘coming back home’ in Japanese and stands for remembering our original face. We are 20 people, 13 Westerners and 6 Japanese, plus one translator and Kohrogi Sensei. It has been such a lovely day. It is not so easy to describe inner experiences, so perhaps the best way is to just say it as I live it. Kohrogi guides us in a very subtle way into no-mind, the space beyond time and rational thought. We relax deeply, and begin to unwind into original essence. I have crossed a threshold and find myself in the space of the soundless sound. Usually I am very visual, but today find myself simply dissolving into an ocean of sound. I hear the sound Aum through every pore of my body. Thought becomes obsolete.
During the break, I was sleeping and sunk into a deep trance, dreaming that I was at a sacred place with a stone shaped like a spiral which took me into another dimension. I woke up from within the other dimension. I asked Kohrogi about it and he said he will explain it tomorrow. Some Japanese women told me this sacred place I dreamed about is the place where God descended on earth and we will be visiting this island in a couple of days. So my dream seems to be a premonition.
Discovering the original face

Today, I also gave two sessions of the unhooking treatment. This treatment allows the person receiving it to dissolve anything, which they feel is hooking them and holding them back from being who they want to be. It uses numerology combined with Colour Light Therapy. Both of the sessions were very powerful. Since I don’t have internet access, I can’t be distracted by anything, and am simply enjoying letting go into the moment.
Kohrogi Sensei said such beautiful things about life and death, such as, “darkness is light taking a rest.” And, “death is the ultimate lover. In death, we find the opposite sex we have been searching for. It is the polarity to life and sex. It is the ultimate experience of lovemaking. However, we don’t have to go searching for it. It is waiting for us to arrive to it.” He spoke a long time about Aum, telling us the secret of life as embodied in the sound AUM. Ahh is birth, and Mmmm is death. Between the two is the sound. The Japanese characters for this mean, darkness, and the symbol is that of a temple with the two guardians on either side. One guardian has open mouth, symbolizing birth, and then other has a closed mouth, symbolizing death.
Now I must turn off the light because Anne is in bed.
It is a great pleasure to share these days with you through writing.
Kohrogi Sensei

Today, Kohrogi sensei guided us into childhood memories and played with the phenomenon of past present and future, this moment being the bridge, suspended between past and future. He guided us very skillfully into a space where we could be in contact with our higher self, and from there we stepped beyond time and mind. He works through acceptance with all that is.
He asked us to hold mind in our hands, imagining our hands to be the lotus which opens at infinitum. Then he spoke a long time about Mu, and gave us a beautiful meditation, which transmits the essence of Mu. (Okinawa used to be part of the Mu continent and there are some remnants of that civilization here.) During the meditation, I experienced a merging of my inner male female aspects and from there; I simply popped into another dimension where all is made of light, nothing being solid. From the dimension of light, I could see into the dimension of matter and knew it to be illusory, like a strange dream.
Kohrogi Sensei and Sarita

Kohrogi Sensei enjoys being ordinary and human. He smokes, drinks, has a wife and lives a simple life, and at the same time, he is living in a state of being, which is beyond. Sometimes, like today, when he transmits his powerful presence beyond time and space, it simply blows me away. Tonight, he played his songs and music for us in concert. He had us all dancing, just with his guitar and voice. So simple, innocent, and joyous.
Tomorrow we will do more group work and then will travel to another island. So, this story is to be continued.
I have a few minutes before we have to load our bags in the van. I realized I didn’t yet tell you about the marvelous experience of using Japanese toilets. I love to go for bowel movements at least three times a day just for the refined joy of this marvelous invention. When entering the toilet, house slippers are removed, and one is requested to put on special toilet slippers. The seat of the toilet is warm. After moving the bowels, you can push a button and a warm jet of perfectly aimed water washes the anus. If desired, this can be used as a mini enema, really cleansing inside and out. Another button brings on the warm air to dry. And, if you happen to be a woman, there is the additional option of another button of precisely aimed warm water, which can be used to cleanse the yoni, or if the woman squirms around ever so slightly, it can be used for pleasuring the clitoris. In some toilets, there is even a button for bird song, in case you wish to cover up rude noises.
In most hotels, there will be a communal bath area, one for women and one for men. There is a row of stools and sit down showers. We are expected to scrub and rinse thoroughly from head to toe, and can then step into the steaming hot pool of water, big enough for several women, or several men, at once. This is such a nurturing way to enjoy bathing. We relax, and share intimacies or beauty secrets. Afterwards, it is easy to fall into deep sleep.
This morning in the group, we did more Mu meditation. The structure of it is so simple, and yet produces a profound effect. I experienced the dimension of light and this dimension co-existing simultaneously in and around me. As we went on, I experienced all time, past present and future merging into one space, and the cosmic spiral eternally spinning here and now. Such bliss and yet so ordinary. The merging of heaven and earth and all time space within each cell of the body is a living breathing experience. The way Kohrogi Sensei explains our human reality sweeps all great cosmologies into the most simple and transparent understanding. In his explanation, heaven and hell, yin and yang, ecstasy and suffering, and the answer to this koan we call life, are all contained in a simple demonstration he did with a cord. Please remind me to give you this demonstration some time, although of course, it would be far more enlightening to hear it and see it from him. Now I have to go, everyone is waiting and ready for the next phase of our adventure.
Yesterday was so full I couldn’t write. It was a day of utter perfection; filled with so many blessings it is a challenge to recount all of it. It is said gratitude bears the fruit of more to be grateful for. Yesterday was like a thousand petalled lotus, opening up a little at a time until the whole lotus was revealed.
We went to visit sacred sites, called Utaki in Japanese. Okinawa has many of these places of powerful spiritual energy and physical beauty. These places tend to represent a mirroring of the cosmos in human and earthly form. The society which was the caretaker of these sites was entirely matriarchal. The women were thought to be the custodians of the earth through their ability to be mediums for divine energy. The last such priestess caretaker just retired this year. She has no successor. The old ways are dying, and, like a phoenix the transmission from spirit will be reborn in a new form.
Sacred Site on Okinawa

We visited three Utaki sites. The first one held the nurturing quality of a woman’s breasts. The love and nurturing of overflowing bounty were in evidence throughout. There was one special place of initiation, which had a threshold not permitted to pass over. This was a half moon cave-like area, surrounded by beautiful tropical foliage. Entering this cave like area we had to pass through a triangle shape in a rock. The threshold had little steps leading up to it, a magnificent view of the sea beyond, and a drop down into jungle.
I immediately felt magnetically pulled towards the threshold. My whole being was pulled to cross over. Kohrogi Sensei spoke of this place. He said, “Only very few people were allowed to enter this place, after long initiation. It is so powerful that if someone goes there, either they will die, or go mad or become enlightened. In this place beyond the threshold, all of a person’s karma from their whole past will fall on top of them to be transformed immediately. If they are not prepared for this, then they will explode in one way or another.’ He looked very serious when he said this, and I laughed loudly and made a gesture as if to jump. He laughed also, and said he would have to pull me back. Then Roshani and Ramya also came forward and said they wanted to cross the threshold. We joked about it, and secretly made a pact that we will come back and sneak into this forbidden place sometime.
Sacred Womb Utaki

The second Utaki is in a beautiful grassy place which gives rise to a mountain path. As we ascend higher up the mountain, we come to a gateway in the rock, shaped like a yoni. Entering this place is to truly enter inside the womb. It has tremendous power, which both purges and renews. Kohrogi Sensei told the men to go out and for the women to meditate there. I went into otherworldly healing and unwinding. We fell into deep silence. Then all the women gathered, and we made a circle. As soon as we made the circle, we were overwhelmed by such a powerful energy that we started experiencing simultaneous kundalini and orgasmic explosion. We were laughing uncontrollably, and finally staggered out of the yoni entrance into bright sunlight. We were very drunk, having just made love to existence itself.
We had lunch in a wonderful café overlooking the sea and from there, went to another island by ferry. The café had an amazing toilet whose lid rises up by itself as someone enters the small toilet room. I can’t figure out why we don’t have such toilets in the west. They are definitely addictive!
The Island we went to is one which doesn’t allow cars. We got bicycles and went on winding shaded country paths to our guest house. We installed ourselves in our tatami rooms overlooking the sea and then proceeded to go and visit the most holy of holies, the very navel of the woman, the earth and the universe. There was another barrier, which didn’t allow us to enter into the sacred grove where ceremonies used to be held every 12 years. We sat at the entrance and meditated. The custodianship of the earth, the well-being and renewal of the earth took place here in secret ceremonies guided by the woman priestesses. What a pristine energy was experienced! My navel was buzzing for hours afterwards, feeling the umbilical cord connecting directly to the cosmic navel.
After that, we bicycled to a paradise beach, just for us. Such beauty, set in semi tropical lush vegetation, turquoise clear water, sparkling white sand. We swam and sunbathed, and finally, as the tide came up, went back to our guest house and to a wonderful macrobiotic dinner.
After dinner, we sat with Kohrogi Sensei. He spoke about enlightenment, and going beyond, trying to discourage us from rashly and unconsciously choosing such an option, saying how precious it is to experience and know the beauty of life in this five-sense world. His manner of expression is so refined, and such pure Zen, that it is even beyond Zen. He stands for absolute uncompromising acceptance of life as it is in this body and in this moment. He answered our questions and then gave us Ito Thermie sessions, using such a hot flame that it provoked utter let go. Afterwards, I meditated for a long time and when I slept, I dreamed all night of priestesses in white initiating me into the mysteries of their forest grove.
Anne, Roshani and I determined that we will come back for a month at some point, and just be in this powerful energy, receiving the transmission which hangs pregnant in the very air.
Today, in the morning, we had a last sitting with Kohrogi Sensei, which was very deep and special. He looked into each person’s eyes for a long time, then used sound, then hugging, as a beautiful completion. Then he went to the airport and we went to a fabulous spa and natural hot springs with healing mineral water. After that, we went to lunch at a wonderful macrobiotic restaurant.
Master Uezusan

Now it is night. We have traveled to another island, one, which has the specialty of granting whatever one wishes for. Our purpose for being here is to do world peace meditation with Uezusan, the mystic healer who will be doing his first visit to England and France this May. We have already had one evening session with Uezusan. You may think I am really off my tree, but I assure you, he is truly as powerful a presence as one could imagine Christ to be, or Buddha. It is beyond the scope of imagination in fact. When that blast of universal energy hits you, oh my God! I felt my insides had turned inside out, and my guts were actually outer space. Or, that the whole of the cosmos is actually inside me. His presence has that much impact that we remember and reconnect with the whole. Tonight he gave a discourse, saying:
“God is asking you, how long will you be confused by your ego self, and misunderstanding it as your ‘self’? When you insist that this physical body is you, you are in illusion. This physical body is like a boat to travel your life journey. Is this boat the real you? The caption, who can control and express through this boat is the real you.
The essence, which allows and makes it possible to exist is the caption. Without a caption controlling, how can you use this physical body rightly? The purpose of your life is to wake up to your true self. Wake up to your real self. If everybody wakes up to the real self and lives through that, then war and terrorism are not possible. Peace is possible only in love.
The real you is love, The real you is harmony. If you know this, you cannot express anything wrong. Separation is an ignorant state. That is why I explain to people everywhere I go, wake up to yourself, give up your small ego, wake up to the great light of god. Unless human beings reach to this real point, then world peace will not be possible. I would like you to live your life, feeling yourself in everyone and everything, Gautam Buddha was speaking of this. I am the universe. This vast universe is I. Only this exists.“
Tomorrow morning, we will begin meditation at 5:30am. This brings great joy. I soak it up like a sunflower turning towards the sun.
Yesterday I didn’t write anything because we were so occupied with meditation. There are about 150 Japanese people here. Uezusan gives healings all day and all night. We can sit in his presence while he is healing, and at other times he is guiding the Dhamma Ball Meditation or world peace meditations, or giving discourses. His life is simply one of service.
I have been imagining how to describe the effect of receiving energy from him when he does individual healing. It is similar to the state just on the verge of orgasm, when every cell sings in ecstasy. Or, it is like when making love and being penetrated by the most magnificent lingam but instead of coming through the yoni, this lingam of light enters through the crown chakra and therefore, it is a feeling of making love to the universe. This of course is the feminine perspective. I have been laughing with Anne because she said she feels like she has lost her virginity at the crown chakra and her crown chakra and third eye centre are pulsating in orgasmic waves of ecstasy. We are staggering around as if we are perpetually drunk. For a man, I am not sure how they would describe this experience. I will have to ask the men in our group to tell me and then I will report it to you.
Of course, I also made time to have a luxurious hot bath in the spa looking over the very beautiful beach. There was a tropical rain storm, and so this felt very cozy. Now I am in a room with Anne, Roshani and Manine. This is because the hotel is crowded with so many people. However, today, the Japanese people will go and we will have only the western tour group will remain with Uezusan for a private day of meditation, a chance to ask our burning questions, and healing.
15 April 2009
Now, it is early afternoon. I am on the airplane going from Okinawa to Tokyo. Our tour is over. I will be staying in a hotel in Tokyo near the airport with Anne tonight, then tomorrow morning I will be going to the international airport to fly to Delhi.
As promised, I asked a couple of men how they experience receiving energy healing from Uezusan. Champaka said, “I feel the descent of grace. This opens my heart into deep silence and my heart goes on expanding into infinite space. There is profound peace.” Fergus said, “I feel as if I am plugged into the mains. It is pure electricity. Kundalini energy ripples up my spine, creating powerful awakening. This morning, it was so strong I simply became the electric mains!”

Yesterday, and this morning with Uezusan was divine. I believe we all felt ourselves entering the pure Buddha land. Uezusan guided us into the Dhamma Ball Meditation. He spoke to us about it as follows.
“I want you to be transmitters of love so that your love vibrations will support the earth and the whole universe. Please make your spine straight and in a relaxed position. Imagine a ball inside your head at the level of your for-head, ‘Ajni Chakra.’ The ball can be any size you like and radiates white light. Please imagine this white light of love is being released to the whole earth and the whole universe. You are love from the very beginning. You are love now. You will be love eternally.
Please recite this mantra inside, “I am love, I am god, I am universal truth. Allow this vibration to expand at infinitum. As this happens, you may begin sensing the vibration of Aum. Let it expand infinitely and embrace the whole universe. The vibration of love that you radiate expands to the whole earth and to the whole universe infinitely. This vibration of love, which you are releasing, will be used to harmonize everything in this world. Please expand it infinitely, spread it infinitely. I am infinite Aum.”
During the meditation he moved around our circle giving us hands on healing, touching the third eye, the crown, and the heart. Being in tune with him and through him, the experience of universal consciousness is the most wonderful gift imaginable. His meditation method is simple and also extremely effective. Infinite love is palpable in his presence. In addition to this, he is very humble. He is an uneducated person, which adds to the quality of innocence he radiates. He grew up in the jungle of Argentina in a mission. From a very young age he declared he was one with god and was often punished for that. When he speaks, he does so with the simple and direct authority of one who has experienced the divine in all of life.
Question Session with Uezusa

After our meditation, Uezusan answered our questions. This went on for about 3 hours, as each person in our tour brought out their deepest issues. We could feel his answers came direct from source, with an intelligence beyond mind. I shared with him about the project of the eco resort, asking if this is a good direction for my energy. He gave his blessing for this. I asked him about the traditional Indian sound temple for chanting Aum, which I want to create there and he said people should be prepared to enter it by going through cleansing of their past burdens, as this temple will be very powerful.
I also shared with him that as we were meditating I experienced merging with him, and feeling the Dhamma ball as big as the planet, radiating brilliant white light. I experienced all dark and unconscious energy as being sucked into the ball like a vacuum, and once swallowed by the ball, exploding into infinite love and light. When I shared that, he became very happy, almost dancing in joy, like a small child.
After dinner, he gave longer, whole body healing to each one of us. We completed this at 12:30 at night. We were all very tired, with crown chakras pulsating with grace and divine energy. At 6am we were back in the group room for another Dhamma Ball meditation with him. This one went into infinite space. Time evaporated. Mind was no more. The energy kept on spiraling higher and higher into more and more subtle realms.
Afterwards we had breakfast. He asked me to sit with him and to prepare questions for the short film clips to be done after breakfast. Ivo is a documentary film-maker and is doing a series of short film clips of Uezusan speaking on various subjects. We all sat there while Ivo filmed him answering the questions. I was taken by surprise when he asked me, and hope I came up with good questions, since I was still floating in the universe after the meditation. Luckily I had good training with Osho about going into cosmic consciousness and then coming back with a bang, ready to be in this world in the whirl of action. I call it learning to hold the divine wine. How much can I drink and still be functional? That is the question!
Now the plane is going to land, so I have to stop writing.
I embrace you with all my heart and soul.
Sunrise in Okinawa

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