Colour Light Therapy Practitioner Training Part 1 & 2


The Colour Light Therapy Practitioner Training offered in 4 parts, is a professional session giving methodology based on the ‘Colorpuncture’ and ‘Esogetic Medicine’ healing system invented and developed by Peter Mandel, a naturopathic healing genius from Germany.

This Professional Training is facilitated by Ma Ananda Sarita. She teaches a wide range of healing treatments created by Peter Mandel and adds to that, other complimentary methods such as: dialoging, hypnosis for healing, dream work, emotional release methods and gestalt work. Sarita was in Training with Peter Mandel for 7 years and has been offering sessions and teaching Colour-Light Trainings since 1990.

“Color effects the body and to have figured it out through Colorpuncture is a very great work. And through this work you can change not the being, but the mind, the emotions and the body. It is good if one is cleansed in this way. Then Meditation is very simple.” Osho

The venue is charming, peacefu in Ubud with pristine organic gardens, a lovely wooden octagon group room, amazing salt water pool and fabulous vegan / vegetarian cuisine.

Color light set: $1200 including shipping –

Without customs fee in Bali (The custom payment will be paid in cash on the first day of the training)

  • Date
    July 5th 2023- July 12th 2023
  • Venue
    Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  • Teachers
    Ma Ananda Sarita
  • Organiser
    Satya Devi
  • Languages
  • Price
    Regular Price : 1900€ Special Early Bird Price (Until 7th june) 1700€ *Note: This price does not include the colour light set