Eros, Love & Prayer


Women, we are multi orgasmic, multi talented Love Goddesses! Reclaim your full inner ecstasy potential through this 6 day divine feminine immersion! In a world ruled by patriarchy it is not easy for a woman to find her path to bliss. We tend to believe that we should be more like a man in order to live as a successful, independent and powerful woman. However, through Tantra Practice, we can discover our empowerment as the divine feminine, experiencing multidimensional fulfilment in our eroticism, in our capacity to love and through expansion into our spiritual potential. 

The venue for this retreat is Flora Creek in the beautiful mountains region of Chiang Mai Thailand. It is set within 10 acres of landscaped gardens, in a region of lush forest stretching all the way to the mountaintop. Colourful flowers and a  creek that meanders through the property offers an oasis of peace. Flora Creek is 30 minutes from from the city of Hang Dong.  The venue offers a five-star service that treats visitors with beauty, comfort, coziness and charm.  

We invite you to take a quantum leap into your own divine nature. This retreat is the catalyst for helping you remember your birthright for inner ecstasy.

  • Date
    3rd April - 8th April 2023
  • Venue
    Kaomai Lanna Resort, Chiangmai, Thailand
  • Teachers
    Ma Ananda Sarita & Usha
  • Organiser
  • Languages
    English & Chinese
  • Price
    1350Euros (excluding the accommodation)