Master Lover For Singles


A revelatory initiation into erotic fulfilment. This Master Lover Retreat for Singles is an initiation into the sacred arts of Love, intimacy and relating.

Why attend the Masterlover course ?

  • You have a desire to explore your life force energy in a sacred way.
  • You feel to resolve issues or confusion around intimacy.
  • You wish to know the ancient secrets for a man/woman to truly honour his/her beloved.
  • As a man you want to learn how to maximize your erotic abilities.
  • As a Woman, you want to discover the joys of love and fulfilment.
  • To understand the mysterious creation of men and women created as complementary opposites and ways to bridge our differences.

This Tantra Retreat is for:

  • Those who would like to understand the Tantra approach to intimacy and eroticism and how to experience deepest fulfilment with your partner
  • Those who have challenges around intimacy and sexuality and would like to discover harmony and healing
  • Those who are inspired to take your intimate relating to the next level
  • Those who would like to understand the differences between male and female and how to bridge these differences with understanding and love.

The Master Lover Weekend for Singles is designed to offer you practical answers, which you can use in your intimate life. Such as :

  • Wealth of information and experience to support you in every aspect of your relationship
  • How a woman and man functions erotically and emotionally
  • Embodied Integration of instinctual energies, love and spirituality
  • Understanding differences in the male and female brain
  • How a man can last longer in union
  • How a man can recharge himself
  • How to become a master lover in all dimensions of being, alone and in partnership
  • The gifts of voice, touch and massage for optimizing intimacy
  • Bringing a spiritual understanding to relating
  • How to integrate Tantra Meditation practices into Relationships


  • You will be empowered through a profound understanding of how to approach the masculine or the feminine as a preparation for intimacy and union.
  • You will be guided through the Spiral To Heaven process, a life transforming turning point on your journey to fulfilment.
  • You will be given keys for how to apply Tantra to intimacy, love and relating

What will you learn?

  • Understand better how male and female function, sensually and emotionally
  • Learn the differences in the male and female brain and sexual anatomy
  • Learn techniques how a man can last longer during intimate union
  • Learn techniques for full body ecstasy states
  • Learn the art of maximizing erotic potential
  • Learn different methods of touch for optimum pleasure
  • Heal woman’s and man’s sexual dysfunctions
  • Learn to integrate sexuality, love and spirituality
  • Heal woman’s and man’s sexual dysfunctions

Master Lover process teaches you how to unleash your ecstatic energy and expand your consciousness, finding deepest fulfilment in being a man or a woman and in a relationship.

  • Date
    3rd Dec - 6th Dec 2022
  • Venue
    Satsanga Yoga Retreat, Parra, Goa, India
  • Teachers
    Ma Ananda Sarita & Modestas
  • Organiser
    Mohini Srishati (
  • Languages
  • Price
    $399 USD (₹32,611)