Soulmate Training for Couples Level 4 – Royal Liberation


In this level we explore the sacred union of male and female sexuality with a special ritual called ’marriage of the body.’ This includes preparation time, where men and women separate, to explore, heal and expand their own unique qualities. Included is a meditation series on the ultimate fulfilment of desire.

“Approach the sex act as if you are approaching the temple of the divine. Approach the sex act as if it is prayer, as if it is meditation. Feel the holiness of it.”

Osho said

Sexual union is a door provided by nature to access an ecstatic state of being. Inspired by the positive sexual and spiritual transformation experienced through couples Tantra, we offer lovers methods to open that door with sensitivity and intelligence – thereby creating a tremendous resource for the development of conscious love. It is a sacred transmission which jumps like a flame from heart to heart.

Tanmaya and Suta are highly experienced international Tantra teachers and lead trainers from Tantra Essence. For many years they both worked closely and studied with Sarita, a true Tantric master. Suta helps people to remember their timeless Essential nature through meditation, breathwork, music and massage. He is dedicated to facilitating magical experiences and learning in a way that is accessible to many – from experienced Tantrikas to newcomers. Tanmaya’s path is sharing the joy of saying yes to oneself and to live life totally. Her way of teaching is full of heart and an invitation to blossom in bliss, love and meditation. It is her joy to blend deep and profound meditations with playfulness and lightness – all infused with her profound transmission of love.

  • Date
    11-17 September 2023
  • Venue
    Skalka, Czech Republic
  • Teachers
    Suta & Tanmaya
  • Organiser
    Peter Koncula
  • Languages
    English and Czech
  • Price
    1800 EUR per couple 600 EUR Food and Accommodation per couple


This series of seven retreats is for couples who would like to travel the path of Tantra in intimacy, an alchemy of union which weaves love and meditation together. It is truly the journey of a lifetime, a unique offering available only in Tantra Essence. It is designed to give couples time in-between retreats to experiment with the powerful transformative methods offered in each level. These methods are taught in a sequential order, offering a refined process of deepening intimacy, heightening sensual ecstasy, expanding love and awakening consciousness.


  • Seven levels series of retreats
  • Each level is seven days except the last level which is twelve days
  • Each retreat has to be attended in sequence
  • All seven levels can be completed in three and a half years
  • Each retreat includes intimate time together in your bedroom for practicing experiential Tantra meditations which include sexual union
  • You will learn a series of Tantra meditations to practice with your partner as homework. You will only be invited to attend the next level when you have completed the homework.
  • The retreats can be booked one level at a time
  • Experience God and Goddess in you and your partner


  • Travel a unique path of evolution through Tantra for couples
  • Heal inner wounding that stops you from creating a harmonious relationship
  • Experience the phenomenon of being Soul Mates with your partner
  • Transform your relationship and discover awareness, love, intimacy and bliss
  • Heal sexual dysfunction
  • Learn how to make love for hours 
  • Experience full body orgasm
  • Create a fulfilling and nurturing sexual and relationship life
  • Improve communication skills thereby dissolving misunderstanding and conflicts
  • Understand behaviour and thinking patterns of your partner better
  • Create a fulfilling, trustful, open and deep relationship with your partner
  • Experience mind blowing spaces of deep Tantric union, bridging sexuality, love and spirituality
  • Move higher and deeper than you ever thought possible in sacred sexuality, love and relationship
  • Experience God and Goddess in you and your partner


  • Men’s and women’s erotic, emotional and spiritual fulfilment
  • Tantra meditation in the couple as an evolution of consciousness
  • How to apply Tantra methodology in relationship dynamics 
  • Esoteric and erotic Tantra practices in your bedroom with your partner
  • Men’s work
  • Women’s work
  • Partner and group sharing
  • Conscious communication in partnership
  • Trouble shooting methods to dissolve conflict
  • Emotional release and breath methods
  • Dance
  • Playful interactive group structures
  • Sacred theatre performances 
  • Hypnosis for healing 
  • Tantra massage 
  • Tantric ritual


A sample of our daily schedule is as follows:

  • 7:30am – Group meditation session
  • 9:00am – Breakfast
  • 10:30am – Group session
  • 1:00pm – Lunch
    3:00pm – Group session
  • 4:00pm – Tea and snack
  • 4:30pm – Tantra Practices in your bedroom with your beloved
  • 6:30pm – Dinner
  • 8:00pm – Group session
  • 9:30pm – End for the day

*There may be some variations to the schedule depending on what is needed for the best possible flow in the group.


Level 1 – Intimacy

This initiation supports you to deepen intimacy, purge stagnation from your relationship, open your heart to receptive, conscious communication,
heal sexual dysfunction, and experience sacred sexuality. The homework series is 21 love appointments.

Level 5 – Exalted Union

In this level men and women explore their innate God and Goddess nature. Relaxation into exalted union supports conservation of semen.
Women as initiatress invite their beloved to embrace divine sexuality, beyond time and mind.
The homework series is 14 love appointments

Level 2 – Male Female Balance

In this level we offer an esoteric exploration of the male and female chakra system, leading to the harmony of opposite polarities,
the experience of orgasm in all seven chakras and the phenomenon of the Soul Mate. The homework series is 14 love appointments.

Level 6 – Ardhanareshvara

In this level, the divine spark, which fuels Yin and Yang, awakens. The couple remembers how it is to live as Ardhanareshvara,
beyond duality, both inside oneself and in love partnership. Men as initiators, support women in discovering transcendental consciousness.
The homework series is 18 love appointments

Level 3 – Sensual Awakening

Exploring love relationship through the door of the senses, psychic sensitivity and heightened pleasure become easily accessible.
Included in this level is a Yin Yang balancing meditation series which assists couples to experience lovemaking for two hours at a time or longer.
The homework series is 21 love appointments

Level 7 – Mahamudra

This level usually takes place near the sea or in nature. Lovers will help each other in an ecstatic process of expansion towards Mahamudra,
the ultimate gesture of love, which arises through orgasm with the universe.
The entire series of 10 love appointments is completed during the Retreat.

Level 4 – Royal Liberation

In this level we explore the sacred union of male and female sexuality with a special ritual called ’marriage of the body.’
This includes preparation time, where men and women separate, to explore, heal and expand their own unique qualities.
Included is a meditation series on the ultimate fulfilment of desire. The homework series is 14 love appointments.