Tantra Yoga Teacher Training


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Accredited by Yoga Alliance this ‘Two in One’ 500 hours Training is a dream come true! This highly professional Training is unique in all the world. It has been co-created and carefully curated by Masters of both Yoga and Tantra and offered to you as a comprehensive, experiential life -transforming journey going deeply to the heart of both Tantra and Yoga.

Taught by: 

Lead Trainers for Tantra – Ma Ananda Sarita & Co-teacher Dharmaraj of Tantra Essence

Lead Trainers for Yoga – Siddho, Lila & Namito of MYT Yoga School

Desa Saya Retreat Center, Teja Kula, Bali. 

This amazingly beautiful, comfortable venue is right by the beach and yet private and protected within lush verdant gardens. The food is simply sublime. The recommended diet during the course is focused on plant-based meals and an intermittent fasting lifestyle which has traditionally been prescribed by Tantra Yoga Mystery Schools in Ancient India. The course venue is located 15 minutes away from the stunning Les Waterfall.

Fill out the application now

For more detailed information, please reach out to Dharmaraj at khojidharmaraj@gmail.com

  • Date
    April 22nd - June 19th 2024
  • Venue
    Eco Resort, North Bali, Indonesia
  • Teachers
    Ma Ananda Sarita & Co-teacher Dharmaraj, Siddho, Lila & Namito
  • Organiser
    Dharmaraj Khoji khojidharmaraj@gmail.com
  • Languages
  • Price


• A healthy and vibrant individual who is passionate about bringing positive transformation to the world through his or her profession.

• Interested in both Tantra and Yoga and love having the possibility of doing a ‘Two in One’ Training, setting you on a fast track for personal transformation

• Loving the idea of immersing yourself in physical and spiritual transformation for two months in the beauty of Bali, next to the sea

• Wishing to develop into a skilled teacher of high calibre, trained by the world’s best in Tantra and Yoga

• Into healthy vegan food and Tantra and are curious how to blend these with Yoga

• Wishing to discover Tantra and Yoga as integral parts of one path leading towards spiritual enlightenment

• Wishing to find all the Tantra Yoga knowledge you need woven together in one incredible Training

• Ready to unleash your inner potential and become a Yoga Alliance certified Tantra Yoga Trainer


Discover a harmonious union of your inner male/inner female aspects, awakening of your chakra system and inner ecstasy through the raising of kundalini energy. Unleash your potential for a well-toned, energy-filled, flexible body. Discover spiritual refinement and wisdom. You will meet others of like mind from all around the world. In the safe, conscious and loving milieu of our Tantra Yoga Teacher Training , inspirational and nurturing friendships form naturally and easily. We discover our innate nature of connectivity and wisdom and simultaneously develop a whole new skill set for bringing positive transformation to the world. It is important for the well-being of people everywhere that quality Tantra and Yoga spreads to as many places as possible!


This is a ‘Two in One’ Training of 500 hours lasting two months.

• At the completion of the entire Training you will receive a Yoga Alliance Certificate which provides you international accreditation to teach both these subjects around the globe.

• The Training is based on an experiential journey through the Chakra System utilising both Tantra and Yoga methods

• There will be 6 days of Yoga / one day off / then 6 days of Tantra

This format continues for the entire 2 month period

Inner and Outer Transformation Through Tantra & Yoga

The Tantra Yoga Teacher Training weaves together both Tantra and Yoga, thereby accelerating one’s potential for inner transformation. As more and more people become aware of the immense gifts both Tantra and Yoga have to offer for wellness and inner harmony, the society as a whole will evolve to embrace vibrant health, love and empathy for all beings. 

The Tantra Yoga Map

 Tantra honours the body as the microcosm mirroring the macrocosm. The body is a portal into our divine nature. A premise of Tantra is: each cell of the body contains the whole universe. Both Tantra and Yoga utilise the chakra system and kundalini energy as a sacred map to access better health and expanded states of consciousness.

Yoga perceives living beings as divine embodiment. The body is just the aura of our sacred soul which is part of cosmic intelligence. Yoga is a methodology to draw that intelligence to the cellular level.

Tantra & Yoga work synergistically together

The twin systems of Tantra and Yoga offer us wholeness of body, mind and spirit. 

Yoga aligns your body, breath and mind. Hence, you will learn how to remove your physical struggles, obstacles, diseases and stagnation by aligning your body, joints, muscles and nervous system to the centre of gravity. 

You are simultaneously supported in aligning your body with the help of Asanas, consciously pleasant movements and breath through the systematic step by step methods of Pranayama, breath work and Bandhas, (energy locks) 

 Yoga works in a very scientific way to remove the Vyadhis, obstacles and Vritis, disturbances of mind in order to attain absolute clarity and sharpness of mind which is called Samadhi, by Patanjali the author of Yoga Sutras, the aphorism on Yoga [also known as ‘The Four Chapters on Freedom’.] His proposal is: when mind is aligned with your breath and body then it becomes your best friend; great understanding and wisdom comes into being. It also awakens spiritual powers.

Tantra works through consciousness expanding methods, which weave together the Masculine path of Meditation and witnessing with the Feminine path of Love and devotion. Tantra embraces all that the human being is, as sacred. In Tantra practices, we may be working with our Emotions, Senses, Elements, Kundalini energy, Chakras, Relationships, Pleasure, Sexuality, Subtle Energies, Creativity, Inner Male & Inner Female. Learning Tantra is based on an experiential, embodied spirituality, which activates inner ecstasy, easily and naturally. Tantra opens us to profound bliss which is our intrinsic nature and inbuilt quality of being. 

One Integrated Journey

Instead of seeing Tantra and Yoga separately, perceive them as one integrated journey. Body, breath and mind are healed and fine-tuned by Yoga, whereas sexuality, love and spirituality are refined into their ultimate potency through Tantra. Thus, begins the flowering into full integration and enlightenment.

With this unique course, we invite you to explore the whole consciousness of your being with your facilitators Ma Ananda Sarita, Yog Namito and our amazingly gifted Team. We have walked on this path under the guidance of our beloved master Osho and are ready to share our life-time of experience with you.

The Whispered Transmission 

Tantra and Yoga have three common tools for Meditation called Mudra, Mantra, and Yantra [MMY]. These tools help in facilitating a whispered transmission from the ancient Masters of Wisdom to the participants in a very mysterious way. 

As we weave together and distil the nectar of these two sacred systems of personal development, we are blessed beyond measure, both personally and professionally. 

A Training of Excellence

This Training is a fast track to personal and planetary bliss!  After experiencing the awakening and transformation of each chakra through Tantra and Yoga you will then be working in teams to present and teach what you have learned. You will optimise your skills with the added benefits of being filmed and receiving coaching and evaluation sessions from the teachers and their assistants. Our training format helps you excel in every aspect of facilitating.

As an integral part of this Training, you will be learning experientially.

  • The creation and holding of Sacred Space
  • Theory and practice of Tantra Meditation Methods
  • Methods for emotional release
  • Conscious Touch and Massage Methods for the well-being of your body mind and energy systems.
  • Dance and Party Therapy Skills
  • How to create Sacred Theatre
  • Musical discernment and DJ skills
  • Tantra history
  • The History of Yoga
  • Tantra as an embodied path to Enlightenment
  • Yoga for a Painless-Healthy body and Timeless-Serene mind
  • The evolution of consciousness held as a template within the chakra system
  • Presenting yourself on camera
  • Inspirational discourses
  • The science and guiding of sacred rituals
  • Sensorial awakening through Tantra skills
  • Learn the art of inviting your inner body wisdom in actions and practices of Yoga
  • How to create a magical and loving ambience for maximum transformation
  • How to weave opposite polarities together in service of unity of consciousness
  • Learning Yoga as a tool for inner transformation along with its twin system Tantra in order to get balanced body, serene mind and strong Prana energy.
  • Practice injury-free Yoga
  • Learn Correct Alignment and Adjustment Techniques
  • Traditional Yogic Philosophy
  • Anatomy and Physiology of physical and subtle energy bodies
  • Pranayama and deeper Breath Work
  • Deeper Yogic Techniques such as Yoga Nidra
  • Learning the ways to communicate with your body and subconscious mind for better health, abundance and success in life through Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga philosophy based on traditional Yoga scriptures such as Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads
  • How to launch yourself as a Tantra and Yoga Teacher in the world
  • Certifications & Professional Opportunities

    After receiving your certificate of completion of the training:

    • You are invited to continue practicing both Tantra and Yoga methods from the curriculum thus supporting you to continue evolving on your path. The more you practice for your own evolution of consciousness, the better teacher you will be.
    • With an (prerequisite) interview and signed agreement with Sarita and Tantra Essence, you may have the possibility of joining the Tantra Essence Kaula Team of teachers, thereby being part of an already established and world-renowned platform.
    • If you are a member of the Kaula Team, you can receive free coaching sessions from Sarita or another Lead Faculty member of Tantra Essence in regards to any questions you may have about designing groups and teaching.
    • If you are branching out to teach on your own, you can receive paid coaching sessions from Sarita or a Lead Faculty member.
    • If you are part of the Kaula team, you will more likely be invited to teach at Festivals or groups organised by or affiliated with Tantra Essence.
    • As a Tantra Essence graduate and if your work is aligned with our ethical standards, you will be welcome to create reciprocal links with Tantra Essence
    • Through affiliation with MYT Yoga India and with Yoga Alliance, you will be on a well laid out path to success
    • As a Tantra Yoga Teachers you have great opportunities to join ‘Work as Tantra Yoga’ internship program at MYT Yoga School and their various branches in India and other countries.
    • The internship program is convertible to ‘Paid Tantra Yoga Job’ in their Yoga Teacher Training in India and Bali based on your compatible performance and behaviour.
    • The Training is created to help you easily design your Tantra and Yoga classes or groups with confidence in the methods and in your own abilities.
    • You may also be invited to join our different workshops as a helper for reduced discounted price on successful completion of your Tantra and Yoga Teacher Training course.

    Entry Requirements

    In order to be granted entry to the Tantra Yoga Teacher Training you will need to fill out our in-depth questionnaire which will be read and evaluated by Sarita, Namito and their co-teachers of the Training.

    We are accepting people who have already done extensive personal development work on themselves, including meditation. You will be required to have already attended a minimum of 2 Tantra groups and have already attended Yoga classes with experienced teachers.

    If we see that you are ready for the Teacher Training we will send you a letter of acceptance. In some cases we will ask you to fulfil certain requirements before acceptance. In some other cases, we may request to have an interview with you before acceptance. It is recommended that you begin your application process the earlier the better in order to avoid disappointment.

    Foundation for the Training and Techniques Covered

    The foundation for this training is based on the transformational path of awakening of our chakra system and kundalini energy. The training follows the flow of the ecstatic potential inherent in each chakra. First you will immerse yourself in the methods associated with one chakra and afterwards, you will be supported in teaching these same methods through teamwork and assigned tasks.


    The 7 main chakras are energy centres all along the central channel from the pelvic floor to the crown of the head. Each chakra contains a potent life lesson which is represented through colour, sound and vibration. Below is a description of the chakras and the evolutionary path we will be travelling in this Training.

    1. Muladhara: Sex Center, encompassing the whole pelvic area. Colour is Red. Life Lesson: Survival instinct, procreation, animalistic tendencies, eroticism and inner ecstasy. Element, Earth
    2. Svadisthana: Lower Belly. Colour is Orange. Life Lesson: Birth and death and learning fluidity in all the emotions which arise between these two polarities. Element, Water
    3. Manipura: Solar Plexus. Colour is Yellow. Life Lesson: Becoming vast enough to contain the contradictions posed by life, which automatically gives rise to genius. Where two contradictions meet is the ultimate truth. In the third chakra, we are also challenged to throw off conditioned belief given by others and to discover our individual soul calling. Element, Fire
    4. Anahata: Center of Chest (Heart Chakra). Colour is Green or Rose. Life Lesson: Love, Nurturing and Compassion, opening into oneness with the universal heart. Element, Air
    5. Vaishuda: Throat. Colour is Turquoise. Life Lesson: Becoming a Co-creator with God, expression of your soul calling through creativity, learning to speak from a place of truth. Element, Ether
    6. Ajna: Forehead, between the eyebrows. Colour is Indigo Blue. Life Lesson: Expanding intuition, clairvoyant vision, surrendering of the ego to the wisdom of the soul. Element, Etheric Realms
    7. Sahasrara: Crown of the Head. Colour is Violet, merging into white light. Life Lesson: Moving into universal consciousness, beyond duality, becoming one with all that is, orgasm with the universe. Element: Universal Energy

    It is important to open the full spectrum of who we are, including our sensuality, physical stamina and emotions, otherwise we are bound to get into stagnation, and cannot realize our full potential. When the chakra system is open, the subtle energy channel, which runs through the body from crown to root chakra and down to the feet, becomes fully receptive to the descent of grace. In this way, each moment of life becomes a blessing.

    What will a day be like?

    A sample of our daily schedule is as follows:

    • 8:00am – Yoga or Active or Silent Meditation (This is not optional and is an important part of the process.)
    • 9:30am – Brunch
    • 11:00am – Group session
    • 1:00pm – Snack/nap/ swim
    • 3:00pm – Group session
    • 5:00pm – Dinner
    • 6:30pm – Group session
    • 9:00pm – End for the day

    * This schedule will vary depending on what is needed at any given time but in general this is what it will be. Note: We will be visiting a local Balinese Water Temple by the sea, showering ourselves and our endeavours with divine blessings.