Wonder Women Festival


Have you ever imagined a world where sisters come together, to heal themselves and the collective. Like an offering to the universe, letting go of all their inhibitions to gain wisdom. A playground where old spiritual traditions meet the modern way of life. A perfect balance between the two, a temple devoted to its sisters who seek to gain secrets from the ancient wisdom.

In the old spiritual traditions, women were known as the keepers of ancient wisdom. They maintained harmony and balance in the natural world and within their communities. Women’s bodies were seen as sacred alchemical vessels of creation and transformation. We envision creating the same magic in Wonder Women festival where women can be the wise anchors to help the world become a better place.

Streams flow into rivers, rivers flow into the ocean. When women come together in Tantric gatherings it is like being in an ocean. An ocean of love, sensuality, healing, and transformation. Being in women circles makes a possibility of coming home to our deepest selves. It’s like sunlight passing through the prism to reflect colours of the rainbow.

For more information go to: https://wonderwomen.evolvebeings.com/

  • Date
    28th Nov - 2nd Dec 2022
  • Venue
    Stone Water Eco Resort, Goa, India
  • Teachers
    Ma Ananda Sarita, Mohini Srishati, & more
  • Organiser
    Mohini Srishati (contact@evolvebeings.com)
  • Languages
  • Price