Welcome to the Loveolution! As you relax into your innate nature of love and compassion, you discover a tremendous, ever flowing resource of feminine power, beauty and resilience. And by spending quality time with other women, we have the possibility of coming home to our deepest resources. We are able to see ourselves in the mirror of our sisters, and in this way to nurture many aspects of ourselves which may have been neglected. Discovering the eternal wisdom of woman, we can at last come home to our power, living our true expansive nature.

We offer women the best possible transformational journey by sharing expertise in various aspects of the Divine feminine and what it means to discover our fullest potential as women, in eroticism, relationship and in spirituality.



As we go through life, we may encounter traumatic events or challenges. This can lead to feelings of isolation, soul searching and questions around our identity and purpose. We may feel confused about our role, not sure how to find and maintain deeply loving and nurturing relationships or how to find our true power and creative expression. We may feel stuck in our sensual expression, not sure how to awaken our full range of inner ecstasy potential.

Through Tantra practices and inner healing processes, we are able to reconnect with our wholeness. We discover we are in reality, living in an ocean of love and consciousness. New streams of inspiration, creativity and connectivity awaken within and we are able to express ourselves in new and wonderful ways. We discover a harmonious unity of body, mind and soul. Our interactions with women in the group setting, nurtures and inspire us to take quantum leaps in our personal development.

We discover our inner goddess and how to give more space to authenticity.



Women’s role in the world of Tantra has a long and mysterious history. Since time immemorial in India, Tibet, China and much of the eastern world, seekers on the path of Tantra would go to wise women to be initiated. However, many of these women masters are not known by name in recorded history. We know only of the male masters who became enlightened through the grace of these hidden female Initiatresses.

Examples of some Tantra Masters who attained enlightenment through the grace of female Mystics are:

  • Abhivanagupta
  • Atisha
  • Padma Sambhava
  • Saraha
  • Tilopa
  • Baul Mystics

Some well known female Mystics are:

  • Paravati
  • Lala
  • Meera
  • Mary Magdalen


My personal invitation to you is to give yourself the gift of embracing the divine feminine within yourself and in other women. Women’s Retreats offer a path to bliss and fulfilment! The spiritual awakening of women is the catalyst for a new dawn, It is time that women take this step, together, as empowered keepers of a new age of peace, where balanced love and ecstatic, sensuous spirituality are as natural as breathing.

Once you have taken a step onto the Tantra path for women, your consciousness and your capacity to love and be loved is going to expand !