Fast Track to Grace

Qiming review’s the first ever Tantra and Tachyon combined group – Tantac – facilitated by herself and Sarita that took place in May. In May Sarita and I taught a workshop that combines Tachyon with Tantra, called Tantac – the Power of Now. The intimate group of 10 participants came from all different walks of life. Some had never even done personal development groups before, let alone Tantra!


It was so amazing for both of us to experience a group of people diving deep and taking on their own personal process as if they had done these practices for years! By the end of the five days, some members of our group received great transformation, while others left with profound new awareness of their true inner being. Everyone left feeling nurtured and ready to move forward in their lives in a whole and connected way, or in ‘Verticality’, a term that we use in this work. This word coined by David Wagner, who is the inventor of the TachyonizationTM process, is used to describe a phenomena of fully aligned charkas, something that may not be so easily achieved before this invention.
In the group, we use a Vortex Pendant to help align and maintain the constant flow from Grace. Combining both the ancient and the new, brings forth an amazing union of spirtuality and science, never experience before in this way. We feel blessed that we have these tools to help achieve this process in a mere few days. This would have been something that would have taken a serious adept years of dedicated Tantric meditation practices to attain! Members of the group expressed not only new found realizations, but also acknowledged that they now had the support of the work, as a springboard to do more inner ‘spring cleaning’.
Tachyon pendant

At the group, the participants were also in awe of a miraculous healing process that happened to our assistant. Santoshi arrived from Ibizia with a recent knee injury that she had been nursing for over a month. Due to long travel and several activities during the group, her knee became inflamed and by the second day, she had to be assisted with walking. Any pressure on her foot would give her excruciating pain. She was also deeply concerned that she had further damaged her knee and was worried that she would not be able to fulfill her agreements. As it was a Tachyon course, this provided an opportunity to prove the efficacy of this ‘faster than light speed’ modality. Santoshi’s fellow group members were also eager observers as of course, Sarita and I had been raving about Tachyon since the beginning! Sarita gave Santoshi a boost by giving her a hands on healing session, using the methods taught Tachyon Wholistic Healing module. After that we sandwiched her knee with two ultra Tachyonized disks and put a knee guard over it, which she wore continuously. During the group she used the methods that were taught, to clear any mental and emotional fears that were connected to her knee issue. By the last day of the group, she was walking on her own, as her usual self, feeling joy and gratitude again. These instances give both Sarita and I deep satisfaction and naturally we are feeling inspired to take this work to another level. In September we will teach our first Level Two course.
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The Level One course will be offered again in 2012, the dates will be published soon.