Fire & Spice at the MBS Tantric Dance

Lisa and Jerome – married for 24 years with two teenage children – take to the London stage and reveal their fire and passion in the Tantric Dance.
Tantric Dance of the God & Goddess

Lisa in rehearsal

Thursday was the rehearsal – a flurry of colourful costumes, sequins, music, hilarity and endless rehearsal for four gorgeous tantric couples dancing to Sarita’s narration and Vibha’s choreography and story. And then came Friday and the big event – the performance at the Mind Body Spirit Fayre in London. WOW!
Lisa gives her account of events below:
27th May – The Rehearsal
“The Gods and Goddesses arrived, and I knew I was on an everlasting journey. Nothing was going to stop me from being all I can be. A light inside me began to ignite, my chakras were all on fire. I was ready to burst, to share my knowledge of what I know, my God-given talent out to the universe.
Godly Jerome

I knew my God Jerome would be there holding the space, with his strength and courage, and allowing his light to shine as well. We rehearsed over and over, and each time my goddess nature grew deeper and deeper, and how proud I felt of my God.
29th May – The Main Event
The moment arrived as I glided on the stage in my divine nature, feeling all my elements within. I danced with the other Goddesses around me, swirling and swaying to the sound of Now I am Free. I released my inner inhibitions and danced without judgement, to the music of my soul calling. The whole place shivered and melted into gratitude of love, thanking everyone who watched witnessed this most profound experience.
Oh sweet desire!

I breathed in joy, gratitude of my Being. Then Jerome arrived, held me, looked me in the eyes with passion and desire. He awoke my deepest emotions from within. A moment I had been waiting for for 24 years. I threw myself into his arms. The power of his hands grasped me tight. I was held like a baby, nurtured and honoured. He then threw me back.I trusted deeply allowing my whole self to let go, surrender into the unknown. I felt fulfilled in every way.
It was a moment in my life of pure and true inspiration, and knowing and seeing through dance and soulfulness one can change not only your own life , but the lives of so many others.”
Thanks, Lisa – you and Jerome are such stars!
Embracing it all

You should have heard the audience roar and clap as Lisa leaped into the arms of Jerome. And you should have seen the expression on the faces of their two teenage children as they watched their parents do their thing!
And an especially big thank you to Vibha who created the concept, wrote the story and choreographed the dance.
And thanks to the other wonderful dancers – Vibha and Dean, Roxana and Vincent and Mahab and Richard. Not forgetting Dharma on sound (who literally saved the day when we had some unforeseen crisis) and Sarita’s fabulous narration. What a show!
Fire & Spice – The Movie! on YouTube:
Part 1
Part 2
Looks like they’re having fun – the audience appreciated it too!

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