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As we prepare for the New Year ahead and the new dawn of humanity, it is essential to clear up incomplete issues we carry with the people we have been, or are, close to. Some of this clearing can be done in the privacy of our own heart, through meditation, and sometimes it is necessary to participate in groups or sessions designed for this, such as Family Constellations, or The Journey. Of course, it is deeply transformative if we are able to clear incomplete issues directly with the person or persons in question.

Sarita with Osho as a young woman

I recently went through a profoundly humbling experience in this regard. In a recent newsletter, I gave a brief overview about my life and how I journeyed to Osho as a teenage girl. In my blog, there was one line where I spoke about an abusive relationship prior to discovering Osho.
Existence works in mysterious ways! Shortly after that, an old friend who I hadn’t seen for about 20 years, arranged for me to actually meet that previous lover. I had not laid eyes on him or been in contact with him for about 38 years. He is happily married to a beautiful woman and has been for many years. He is a healer, being of service to people. It just so happens that he read my blog and was very hurt by my comment. This is why our mutual friend was inspired to help us meet.
We spent one and a half days processing the subject of our previous relationship. He wanted to know in great detail exactly why I thought the relationship had been abusive. He told me that from his side, he had nothing but gratitude towards me. After much discussion, we arrived at the conclusion that he had served as a bridge for me to leave my childhood situation and find my way to Osho and a life of love and meditation. And likewise, I had served as a bridge for him to find a new life, as well as having introduced him to the woman he is married to. This insight gave me a new love, respect and gratitude towards him. I now consider him to be a friend.
After our meeting, I had waves of relief washing through me for days on end. I experienced tiny energetic arrows falling out of my skin, from all over my body. I feel love towards this man, and appreciation for who he has become. I was humbled to realize that for all these years, I have been carrying an image of him based on my traumatized adolescent self, which has very little to do with the man he actually is. In spite of all the healing and inner work I have done, this adolescent image prevented me from being completely free in regards to this story.
I hope my story will inspire some people reading this to actually meet the person or persons who bring bitterness to your heart and endeavour to clear it. I know this is not always easy.
Forgiveness melts the heart

When I went to Osho, my father did not approve. Because of this, I did not see him for 22 years. A series of dreams informed me of his impending death, and I was told by my inner guides to go and see him. I travelled from India to the USA and went to visit him in the desert where he had retired, living an almost hermit lifestyle. I had done an enormous amount of work on clearing father issues through meditation and therapy. However, when I saw him, a dam burst inside of me and I screamed at him for about 10 minutes, giving him a deluge of my pent up emotional reactions towards him.
He listened patiently. And then, to my astonishment, he apologized! I was brought to my knees by his words. He said, “I have made a wastage of my life. But when I look at you, I see that my life was not wasted. You are so beautiful and intelligent, it fills me with pride.”
We spent three days together, some of the most heart-warming days of my life. We were as one, and this was profoundly healing on all levels. When he died a year later, I felt nothing but deep love, deep peace. I am profoundly grateful to my guides for having inspired me to take that journey to see my father.
Atisha, who gave the world a beautiful heart-expanding meditation

In Winter, leaves fall from the trees, inspiring us to let go of the old and prepare for the new. The Spring will come, and how much more colourful and celebrative this new Spring will be, if we have really let go of those issues which are not serving our highest good.
Sometimes we may try to clear an issue directly with a person and this person may not be ready for that. We can respect their choice, as each being has their own timing for letting go. In such cases, it is wise to practise heart clearing and forgiveness meditations, such as the Ho’oponopono technique, or Atisha’s Heart Meditation. Other techniques I have found very helpful are ‘The Journey,’ from Brandon Bays.
In the Tantac group (Tachyon and Tantra), we practise a very powerful technique called De-Illusion. With this method, we clear issues with people, very effectively. There have been many cases, where the person who was being cleared through this method, suddenly calls just after the clearing, saying they would now like to let go and forgive. Of course such situations are mind boggling to our rational way of perceiving reality. The fact is, we are all connected in this mysterious web of life.
When I (or my team in the UK or France) give Colour Light Therapy sessions, it is always amazing to see the transformation in the people who are close to the client. For example, a person may be receiving the series called Male Female Balance, for releasing mother and father issues. I cannot even count the number of times I have heard, “I can’t believe it, but now my mother, (or father) is so much nicer towards me! We sat down and really talked for the first time ever!”
In Sacred Sexuality, and in the level 4 for couples, we dive deeply into the subject of forgiveness with a very powerful ritual. There are many paths to unwind stagnant energies and clear relationship issues, and we are greatly supported in this process through the supreme qualities of love residing in our innermost heart.
The heart is a physical organ and is also a subtle energy phenomenon, emanating pure love and joy. It has been discovered by scientific study, that the heart is actually a brain. The brain in the head is a secondary brain to the brain of the heart. It is the heart that receives and filters incoming energies and offers us indications as to the best way to proceed based on its direct link to source. One of the mysterious aspects of the heart is that it is actually always trying to clear unfinished business and bring us in tune with love. When we are in tune with love, we are in tune with life, so any heart opening techniques are good.
Osho commented on His teaching as being: Life, Love, Laughter! On that note, blessings for the countdown, to the New Year.
Love Sarita

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