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In Profile: Heidi Oravasaari

Tantra Team member Heidi reveals her love of nature, Tantra and her gratitude for her Finnish roots.


Earth is sacred to me. In the woods, by the lake, out there on the land I have always felt okay just as I am. The quality of stillness that Northern winter time holds is unique; a marriage of deep, dark long nights and thick snow down covering everywhere. And that intensity is equally matched by the period of light during the summer with its midnight sun. Seasons, circles of light and dark, birth and death; nature can offer such teaching in these things. I feel deeply grateful for my Finnish roots and I acknowledge humbly that nature has been my most loyal teacher. Where life has blessed me with many wise and wonderful teachings delivered by different teachers over the years, Earth remains the very first one. It was also nature that truly made me understand how interconnected everything is and that the well-being of one is intimately connected to the well-being of the whole. It was in nature where I first learned of energy fields and healing.
My upbringing in an egalitarian society with a liberal open minded education, including a great sexual education, contributed a lot to the start of my personal journey. Sauna has sacred roots in my culture, being seen as a sanctuary, a healing room, and a place where nakedness remains natural. The sex education I encountered gave huge importance to the empowerment of me as a young woman and my ability to choose when I would cross that threshold of making love. It also gave me the message from an early age that self pleasuring is a natural way to explore.
So where nature fostered an early awareness of something bigger than myself and a sense of divine, intervention introduced itself in childhood experiences: it was when faced with death and human loss in my late teens that my ”spiritual seeking” dived more deeply. It took me into meditation, personal growth work of many kinds and yoga. My earthy spirituality seemed to have created doorways that could now take me deeper.
My path took me to the Findhorn Foundation and the community in the north-east of Scotland in the late nineties and where, a few years later, I lived. That is where I also first met Sarita and Geho. Under their beautiful guidance with my partner at the time I practiced my first Tantric meditations. Much of it felt natural to me and I could see how partly nature and my culture had facilitated a sense of sacred love. Yet also I had some confusion about embracing being a woman as a shadow of the egalitarian thinking can expect men and women to do all the same things. It was a powerful time and I was touched by the teachings that Sarita and Geho were offering. Sarita’s wisdom and love especially felt very meaningful to me as a young woman. In the following years I helped and assisted on her groups as often as I could and then three years ago I also started teaching Tantra.
I feel very blessed to have witnessed and been part of all these circles of women and men. Thank you for each person I have crossed paths with along this time. I have so much love for our shared humanity. It is all welcomed in Tantra and all can be a gateway to the sacred.
Heidi is based in London and offers Tantra sessions and Tantric massage. She is also a vision quest guide; leading workshops of personal discovery in nature and offers sessions of Birth Into Being, which helps to release conception and birth issues. Contact Heidi at:

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