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In Profile: Kohrogi Sensei

Sarita shares her experience of knowing and working with Kohrogi Sensei, the Japanese Master of the Original Face.

Kohrogi Sensei
Kohrogi Sensei

I would like to share with you the story of a divinely human, awakened being. His name is Mamoru Kohrogi. He is called Sensei as a title, which means ‘Greatly Respected Teacher’, in Japanese.
He is a master healer living near Tokyo, and also teaches a group helping people to discover their original face, called Natsukashii, which means, ‘Coming Home’ in Japanese. He is outside of traditional Zen, Buddhism and Shinto. He walks his own unique path. His teaching comes close to the transmission of Tao, always returning to what is, as the ultimate truth.
I have known Kohrogi Sensei for the past 18 years. He is both teacher and friend. When I want to resource myself and bask in radiant essence, relaxing back into source, I go to him, for sessions and for groups. I have trained with him in the healing method he uses, called Ito Thermie. I met him through my friend Champaka, who I call my ‘Japanese brother’. Champaka and I have been close friends for about 20 years. It is through Champaka’s untiring efforts that Kohrogi Sensei is invited to teach in Europe on a regular basis with Champaka as the faithful translator. Champaka also teaches Ito Thermie, levels 1, 2 and 3. Kohrogi Sensei teaches the advanced levels as well as his Natsukashii group, open to all.
Champaka and Kohrogi Sensei
Champaka and Kohrogi Sensei

Being in a group with Kohrogi Sensei is a very interesting experience. He helps people to relax so deeply, that finally participants simply let go of the tyrant mind, and tumble into source, as effortlessly as a leaf falls from the tree. He also creates and devises methods which make the mind so confused that it loses its ability to be on the throne, and pure being thus finds its rightful place. The coming home, Natsukashii experience invariably brings with it much joy, love, innocence and laughter as well as deep states of pure presence.
Perhaps the best way for you to get a feeling for his gift as a Master is to share with you some of the things I have heard him say in groups:

“Hold your mind in your hands and imagine your hands to be a lotus, expanding ad infinitum.”
“The sound Aum is always present, but we have forgotten how to hear it. In life, we eat, we fall in love, and we do many things, just to eventually hear the sound Aum.”
“Sound brings together particles of light, creating form. Each form is made of sound.”
“Landscape is there. You are here. Normally you believe you are looking at the landscape. But what we don’t realize is that the landscape is looking at us. In the middle where this meeting happens is the reality.”
“The present is, past present and future, concentrated in the here and now.”
“Time can become your friend. As you get older, you will gather many friends.”
“Our day to day life is gathering up firewood for our funeral pyre. What you love are the logs which will burn your body when you die.”
“You can applaud yourself that you are living now. Give yourself a standing ovation.”

Kohrogi Sensei offering healing
Offering healing

In addition to the teachings mentioned above, Kohrogi Sensei also has a very special transmission on Mu, (also known as Lemuria.) This is given through experiential methods, which bring us into resonance with the wisdom of that great civilization. When I told him I sense that these methods are Tantra in its purest form, he assured me it is not Tantra. Therefore, I can only conclude that these teachings are pre-Tantra and may form the underlying bedrock from which Tantra springs.
The play of opposites, with an emphasis on ‘play’ is fundamental to his teaching. When he gives Ito-Thermie sessions, he uses two cool metal rods which hold two sticks of red hot burning herbal incense, designed to burn one layer of whatever sits on your energy, whether that be physical, mental or emotional. The play of the hot and cool, the powerful yang strokes of the incense over the body coupled with light and tender yin strokes, all work together to bring equal balance of yin and yang in the body. One emerges from his session feeling lighter, balanced, blissful, and deeply nourished. When he works, it resembles a calligrapher immersed in inspirational movement, who after a mere 15 minutes, produces a masterpiece.
Kohrogi Sensei
Playing the guitar

Kohrogi Sensei is also a musician, and during his workshops, he sings original songs he has written while playing the guitar. The audience light up with pure joy, as his presence is simply, love in action.
You may be able to sense from this sharing, that I am deeply moved and in love with this amazing being. I feel he is the best-kept secret on the planet. His teaching is so refined, that not many people find their way to him. He doesn’t advertise and has no ambition. He simply sings his songs, does his healing, and whoever is attracted is welcome. Like a flower, who shares its fragrance, not bothering who passes by to inhale the scent. He is just here, in pure presence.

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