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In Profile: Laurence James Lucas

This In Profile section will feature teachers that Sarita works with and her own personal favourite healers, mystics and alchemical geniuses.
This month, Laurence James Lucas. Laurence is an astrological consultant who blends traditional astrology with shamanism, psychology and mysticism. He works with people who are going through a big shift in life, and loves to help them transform into a new phase. He says: “my major passion is the evolution of human consciousness and all that entails.”
Laurence, who lives in Hong Kong, is giving sessions in the south east of England in April and May. To find out more about the sessions and read the wealth of information about Laurence’s perspective on the transformation of consciousness, see his ‘Change Your Life’ website.
For Laurence’s daily readings see his blog.
And for more of his astrology, see his website.

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