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In Profile: Living in Pleasure and Beauty

Deepa shares her journey into appreciating the necessity of beauty and living in pleasure for fulfilment as a woman, through assisting on the Empowered Woman group on Inner and Outer Beauty in Latvia last month.

Pleasure, the essence of woman, beauty, the fragrance of the goddess


When I first read the list of the titles of the Empowered Woman series, which are being facilitated in Latvia by different women in the Tantra Essence team, this was the group that least appealed to me. I thought to myself “hum, this one I can miss”. I judged it as a group that would be superficial. Sarita encouraged me to assist in all four modules of the training, so I reluctantly accepted. By the time it came to the opening circle, I realized just how much this reaction of mine said about my conditioning. I have never participated in a women’s group that deals with beauty directly, and I have never considered including this as the central theme for a group I facilitated. Somehow I had not realized this. This is how much I discounted something so basic, so fundamental, so important in all of us women: how we perceive ourselves, as beautiful or not.

Unfortunately, studies show that the overwhelming majority of women in the world do not consider themselves beautiful. What does that say about our self-esteem, self-love, self-acceptance, self-respect? A lot! And so it is from this space, that Lucy Agyana facilitated the group, guiding us to feel beautiful deep within and to allow that feeling of inner beauty to radiate and transform into outer beauty, the goddess in human form.

During the weekend group I went through my own process of reflecting on and owning my judgments regarding beauty. I discovered my belief that intelligence is of utmost value, and that those who focused on beauty did so because they did not have something deeper to offer. I was never taught or shown as a little girl that health, joy, and feeling good inside are all part of beauty. And certainly I never associated pleasure with beauty. Under Lucy’s guidance I understood and experienced this as the key! If I am living in pleasure I cannot help but to see beauty in all there is. I am connected to the beauty that surrounds me everywhere and can clearly see the beauty in me. My own sense of pleasure allows me to feel fulfilled, complete, satisfied, radiant. There is no space for me to feel less than, to judge, to feel jealous about… anything or anyone. I AM beauty!

Going through this journey with this group of women, mirroring beauty and having it mirrored back, was incredibly deep and transforming. The vulnerable places touched as well as the joyous highs, and everything in between, were all part of the colours we dipped our brushes into and with which we painted the beauty of the world we want to live in.

As for me, I can say that I have shed the judgments and beliefs that were passed down to me placing lesser value on beauty. Yes, I can be intelligent AND beautiful! I broadened my perspective of beauty to include its roots, deep within me and my pleasure. And by reclaiming these roots and incorporating beauty as part of my femininity, my own sense of being a woman and a goddess has deepened. Thank you Lucy and all the other beautiful women in the group for this healing and transforming journey into living in beauty and pleasure.

I leave you with this beautiful quote from Rafael Vidac:

“It is impossible to recognize beauty without having it. Everything that appears beautiful to you is just a reflection of what you are.”

Love Deepa


And if you’d like to experience the magic of the Empowered Woman series for yourself, Deepa and Roxana are running the first group outside Eastern Europe from 20-27 July in Corfu. This promises to be a delicious Summer retreat, an international gathering where all different flavours of women will mix and make the whole experience richer and deeper.

There’s an early bird special available until 1 May: 360 Euros for the workshop. Food, accommodation and travel are extra. After 1 May, the group price is 390 Euros.

The week is a sincere and sensual time for honouring and liberating the radiance of woman. Experience body-centred meditation, dance, massage, playful partner-work, profound healing methods, sacred ritual, song and celebration.

This retreat is held at a stunning meditation venue, Buddha Hall. Nestled on a hilltop it offers private pool, gourmet food and gorgeous views of olive groves and ocean. Each day we make time to bask at the nearby beach and enjoy the natural beauty of Corfu.

For more information and to reserve your place in the group, please email Roxana or Dhyandeepa.

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