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In Profile: Suta Rawson

Introducing Tantra teacher and bodyworker, Suta, who first meet Sarita in 1998 and now co-teaches workshops with her in Europe and India.

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Hi everyone! Here’s the story of how I came to Tantra……
I grew up in Yorkshire in the 1970s, in an atmosphere that was unerotic and didn’t celebrate the sensual. I came out of school with a well-trained and qualified mind, but living completely in my head. I was introduced to Tantra by relationships with older women, from age 19, throughout my twenties. I began to rediscover the body, open up emotionally and grow sexually through these experiences. I also began to study the healing arts and meditation.
In 1994 I did my first formal Tantra group. Then I shopped around in the Tantric supermarket for a while, until meeting Sarita and Geho, in 1998. To me, they seemed like the real deal – shining, sensuous and wise. I did many groups with them, including the singles training several times and the three year couples training. I absorbed and learnt all I could, until three years ago, I felt ready to share what I had learnt and began running my own groups, and then from last year, co-teaching with Sarita.
I was attracted to Tantra because of its unique approach to meditation, which encompasses a variety of sensuous methods, including massage, dance and love-making. Over time, I have experienced a deepening of understanding of the dynamics of mind and body, love and consciousness, masculine and feminine, which continues to this day.
Along the way there were many, many moments of breakthrough, ecstasy, insight and exhilaration. Now what I value is the deepening in myself, feeling more at ease and having a clear sense of direction.
Going through a training from participant to assistant to co-teacher, has equipped me to confidently begin to offer that which I feel has so enriched and helped transform my life.
I feel so privileged to be able to bring this work into the world, about which I am so passionate. It is my joy to help facilitate magical experiences and learning in a way that is accessible to many – from experienced Tantrikas to newcomers. I consider it a great honour to work so closely with Sarita, a true Tantric master. I believe that everyone can experience more love and the expansion that freedom brings, and it gives me great joy to bring this to the world.
Currently, I particularly enjoy working with men and introducing and encouraging more people to light up their life with Tantra. I take pleasure in both the dynamism of working with a group, as well as working more deeply with people one-to-one. It’s always a joy to see people relax, expand, and make a breakthrough.
When not doing Tantra, I love the bliss of being in nature and playing and listening to music.
Suta gives magical sessions of body and energy work and provides Tantric coaching for men, women and couples. He runs Tantra groups and darkness retreats through his own company Choose Bliss Now, as well as working with Sarita.

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