Welcome to the Tantra path for individuals! So many people ask the question, "can I be benefitted by travelling the Tantra path as an individual?"

The answer is a resounding YES! We offer you the opportunity of discovering a harmonious union of your inner male inner female aspects, awakening of your chakra system and inner ecstasy through the raising of kundalini energy. In singles groups, retreats and trainings, you will meet others of like mind. In the safe, conscious and loving milieu of our Tantra community, inspirational and nurturing friendships form naturally and easily. We discover our innate nature of connectivity and bliss.



As we go through life, we may encounter traumatic events or challenges in relationship. This can lead to feelings of isolation, soul searching and questions around our identity and purpose. We may be hopeful of finding a loving, nurturing relationship and experiences fears of being alone and cast adrift in an increasingly challenging world. This state of being is often linked to early childhood issues which have been left unresolved and which influence our behaviour and way of thinking and feeling.

Through Tantra practices, we are able to reconnect with our wholeness. Aloneness is transformed into All-Oneness. We discover we are in reality, living in an ocean of love. New streams of inspiration, creativity and connectivity awaken within and we are able to express ourselves in new and wonderful ways. We discover a harmonious unity of body, mind and soul.



Tantra for Individuals has a long and glorious history. Since time immemorial in India, Tibet, China and much of the eastern world, enlightened Masters and Mystics have been offering their compassionate methods to seekers of truth. An example of this wisdom is contained in a scripture called the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra which offers 112 methods of meditation encapsulating all the facets of human life experience. Through Tantra methodology we are catapulted onto a path of enlightenment. We are invited to apply witnessing and love to our body, emotions, mind and soul. By so doing, we discover that every cell of our bodies contains the whole universe. As above, so below. As within, so without. When this becomes a lived experience, we naturally and easily come back home to who we are meant to be, integrated with the whole of life.



My personal invitation to you is to give yourself the gift of stepping onto the Tantra path! I am sure you will be both amazed and delighted at how much transformation can happen for you in the Tantra Retreat of your choice.

Time has a way of being elastic. In Tantra retreats, we step beyond time and mind; we taste eternity. So whether you choose a shorter retreat or one of a longer duration, you will discover multifaceted positive effects.

You may be wondering how to choose from the many mind blowing Retreats and Trainings we have on offer. Just remember, your heart always knows the best path forward for you. Follow your heart! Some people rely on ‘gut instinct’ and if this is your way of choosing, trust your gut! For others, it is necessary to weigh options, to speak with friends and discuss the best way forward. Whatever is your natural way of making decisions is fine. All I know is, once you have taken a step onto the Tantra path, your consciousness and your capacity to love and be loved is going to expand !

We also offer healing modalities which are complimentary to the Tantra path. These accelerate your ability to expand your consciousness and discover harmony of body, mind and soul. And if you are called to become a professional in teaching Tantra or offering sessions, we offer a rich and varied number of high calibre practitioner and Teacher Trainings. People have often commented to me that I am a walking ‘mystery school.’ And it is so! Here in Tantra Essence, you will discover a mystic portal into your own unique inner sanctum.

Welcome to your Transformational Tantra Journey !