What is Tantra?

Tantra is becoming increasingly popular in the world at large and at the same time, there are also a lot of misconceptions about it. So the first question we have to ask is; what is Tantra?

Tantra is a multidimensional path to enlightenment based on:

  • Meditation techniques which activate awareness in each and every aspect of life experience, including the body, mind, senses, emotions, sexuality, love, chakra system, kundalini energy and expanded consciousness states.

  • The union of the feminine path of love and devotion with the masculine path of awareness and witnessing.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word, which has several meanings.

  • To weave
  • Transformation of Poison into Nectar
  • Methods for transformation


The meaning connected to weaving is profound. As you weave, two opposite threads are being brought together to create one cloth. It is a universal law of life, that when you consciously bring any two opposites together, Godliness is experienced. Tantra methods play with bringing together all opposite polarities in a conscious creation dance.


The transformative aspect of Tantra is: a base substance is transmuted through the fire of our awareness into its divine aspect. The transformation of poison into nectar, has to do with using Tantra methods to transmute those areas of human life which are normally considered to be pitfalls, such as animalistic sexuality, emotions, ego-mind, power trips, etc.


In the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (a 5000 year old scripture), Lord Shiva answers questions on life, love and spirituality posed by his consort Paravati. Each of his 112 answers opens a portal into spiritual awakening through a method of meditation. These cover every aspect of human life, whether that be our senses, emotions, breath, sexuality, love, creativity, subtle energy, intellect, or spirituality.

Key pillars of Tantra practice

Methods of Transformation Method Rituals Rituals Elements Elements Chakras Chakras Kundalini Kundalini Mudra Mudra Love Love Devotion Devotion Meging of opposite polarties Moop Compassion Compassion Mantra Mantra Isa,Pingala & Shushma Channels IPSC Yantra Yantra Awareness Awareness Meditation Meditation Spirtitual Transmission ST Senses Senses


When we dive into Tantra Practices we begin a journey of unveiling our true and vast potential as the divine feminine, the divine masculine and the meeting of both leading to transcendence. Tantra is a path to enlightenment which utilises all that the human being is, as portals into your divine nature.

Tantra is not something which we are adding into ourselves from the outside. It is actually a path of remembering who we truly are within. Through this path, we remove conditioning and false concepts given by others and slowly but surely discover unlimited resources of love, inner ecstasy and wisdom within that were just waiting to be discovered.


“Part of my mission in teaching Tantra is to clear up misconceptions about it. When I moved to Europe in 1999, having spent 26 years in India, I was amazed to find out that most people seemed to believe that Tantra was all about sex and promiscuity with a few feathers and some incense thrown in for good measure. The general public still carry such concepts, and some even think that Tantra is a code word for a massage with a ‘happy ending.’ How did this come about?

During the Victorian Age, India was a jewel in the British colonial system. It was an age of extreme sexual repression. For example, tables were covered with long cloths, hiding the legs. It was thought that table legs being exposed could be suggestive of human legs, leading to thoughts of sexual organs at the top of those legs. In this milieu, some Sanskrit scholars translated fragments of Tantra scriptures. When they found that a few Tantra practices include meditations with sexual union, they freaked out and forgot all about the many other aspects of Tantra. They overlooked it as a path for spiritual liberation and gave it the title, “cult of sex.” The word and concept of Tantra in the Western mind, still suffers from this Victorian hangover.

Tantra is now experiencing a renaissance all over the world. Like rain to thirsty earth, the Tantra vision nourishes the wholeness of life, embracing human nature as a magnificent expression of universal energy. It offers an intelligent way for us to move forward into the new dawn of human consciousness.”

Ma Ananda Sarita