Ito Thermie Party in Tokyo

I thought I would share with you this wonderful photograph of Kohrogi Sensei. Not only is he a truly remarkable teacher of Ito Thermie and a renowned spiritual master, he’s also a wonderful performer!

Ito Thermie is really big in Japan and the photo was taken at their Ito Thermie Circle 20th anniversary party in Tokyo in 2009. Quite a few of the teachers present were over 80 years old and were dancing and celebrating late into the night.
Earlier in the evening as they talked about their work many of them shared that they had used Ito Thermie personally to overcome serious illness.  Kohrogi Sensei sees people from all over Japan in his own practice.
Ito Thermie Therapy is an essential and very effective healing method. It gives deep relaxation to the body mind system and triggers the body to detoxify and rejuvenate. Because Ito Thermie uses 7 healing herbs, a special quality of heat can stay in the body for a long time and keeps on working after a session. This profound heat stays much longer in the body than the heat we can get from a shower or from a sauna.
The famous Japanese immunologist Dr. Abo found out that stress reduces our lymphocyte count and creates a lower body temperature.  According to Dr. Abo’s research 80% of sicknesses nowadays are occurring out of a stressed body situation. For example: cancer, rheumatism and arthritis etc are happening under such conditions. What we need for healing is to turn from a stressed body-mind state to one which is more relaxed. How can we relax body and mind in our daily life so that we can stay healthy or become healthy? Healthy means that the lymphocyte count rises to a normal number and the body temperature comes back to its natural balance.
After regular treatments of Ito Thermie, lymphocyte count rises naturally and deep relaxation happens more and more. The beauty of Ito Thermie is that you can treat yourself regularly and even a short self treatment will help you to stay healthy. You can also support your family and friends very effectively with this wonderful healing modality.
Love Sarita
To find out more about Ito Thermie and to book a session with Sarita, see her Ananda Sarita website.

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