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Conscious conception, pregnancy and orgasmic birth are subjects which are vital for human happiness and for the well being of the planet.
Even though I have not given birth to a child, I happen to be well versed in these subjects, due to the fact that I have facilitated countless people, (including myself) to unwind and heal their birth, time in the womb and conception traumas. Through this experience, and having met some great luminaries in the orgasmic birthing field, I would like to share some vital information about this timeless subject.
It has been known to Tantra for millennia that it is of paramount importance that the sexual act leading to conception is practised in full awareness. The timing, astrological configuration, season, mood, level of consciousness, diet and intent of the couple will all play a role in determining which kind of soul will be attracted to embody through them. If our world is in a mess, a big reason for this is due to the fact that many children are conceived while people are in a deeply unconscious state.

It is urgently needed that the science of conception is brought back into the light again. Just as we study behavioural patterns linked to birth, in the same way, the science of the soul and conception needs a lot of research. Studying Tantric scriptures and what the ancient Masters have said on this subject will be a tremendous support for this field of enquiry. If a child is conceived during a Tantra meditation, this will be an optimal milieu for an evolved soul to be attracted to be born. It will be very helpful if young people can be trained in Tantric arts, even before they begin having sex, so their energy is already aligned with sexuality as a consciousness practice.
I have heard Osho speak about his previous incarnation as a Tibetan Lama and that he had to wait 700 years to incarnate again, as he was not able to find a couple with the right vibration before that time. His mother and father in his most recent life were simple and pure people from a small village in India. They were married when they were only 8 years old and Osho was born when his mother was 15 years old. This is not to say that each couple should be like Osho’s parents if they want to have a conscious conception. It is just to offer an example of how challenging it can be for highly evolved souls to find the right vehicle to come into this world.
Time in the womb
This is much more important than many people realize. Everything the mother thinks, feels, eats, and experiences is simultaneously programming the delicate foetus. In general, it is important that the mother can remain in a state of sublime contentment during her pregnancy. The future of our planet depends on it. Nothing is more important! She is the vessel of the future. Every care needs to be offered to her during this time.

Meditation, soft yoga, sublime music, loving ambiance and loving words, massage, dance, nature walks, creativity, celebration and laughter are all important during this time. She needs to absolutely and categorically avoid loud stressful music, drugs and alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, television and violent films, newspapers with bad news, stressful situations, anger and violence and junk reading material.
Gowri Motha is a wonderful pioneer in the field of intelligent pregnancy and painless birth. She was born in Sri Lanka and was puzzled when, as a young surgeon, she went to London and found out that the prenatal time and birth was being treated like a disease. Women would arrive to give birth, terrified of eventual pain, and needed medical intervention of all kinds. Where she was from, in a natural village environment, women would be working in the fields, and as the time for birth came on, they would simply squat down, give birth, painlessly, wrap the baby in a cloth sling, and continue their work. She made it her life work to educate Western women in how to give birth painlessly.
For that, she takes great care that the time of pregnancy has certain essential elements. Women are prescribed a particular harmonizing diet, given massage including internal massage of the Yoni, practice yoga for pregnancy, and go through a particular series of self hypnosis in order to remove the belief that birth is painful. The fact is, that if a woman holds a fear and belief that birth is painful, the naturally occurring bliss hormones that make birth easy and even orgasmic, shut down and stop being produced. And then, voila!, the woman will certainly experience tremendous pain.
Gowri Motha has written two highly recommended books, The Gentle Birth Method and Gentle First Year. Even if you can’t meet her personally, her books offer full information on how to create your own gentle birthing experience.

The birth experience gives a powerful message to the whole being of the infant, that: “THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS.” This message remains in the limbic system as a deeply ingrained imprint. Elena Vladimirova, a passionate advocate of ecstatic birth, spoke in a seminar I attended. She let us know that whatever is experienced by the infant in the powerful transition of birth is encoded in the body and mind as, “this is what love is.” Our body mind and emotional being has a hard disk, which has only one download: that ‘life is love.’ Whatever is overlaid on top is interpreted by the body/mind as being what love is.
Therefore, if your first experience is: drugs given to the mother, hard metal objects, bright blinding lights, a violent slap on your bottom, caesarean birth, being circumcised, and other unnatural interventions, your interpretation of love will follow these pathways. Later in life, you will actively seek out such experiences again and again to continue this programme. The good news is that it is possible to be deprogrammed. There are methods available. I highly recommend that if you had a traumatic birth, you don’t waste any time to go for the healing of this imprint.
Healing methods
Limbic re-imprinting
This is Elena’s method, developed out of many years experience of working in the birthing field. She found out that if a mother and father have a birth trauma, they will automatically re-enact this trauma when they have a child, and so it continues down the generations. It is important before having a child to unwind your own birth trauma first. Otherwise, you will automatically pass it on. Tantra team member Heidi Oravasaari offers these sessions in the UK. For more about how they work, see her blog.
Colour Light Therapy Pre-natal Series
This series of nine sessions unwinds and heals the time in the womb and birth, using the gentle technique of applying coloured light to specific points on the skin. In the UK, you can have these sessions with Soham or you can ask her for details of a CLT therapist in your area. In France with Roshani or Richa, or in Japan with Champaka.
This is breath therapy that helps to unwind and heal birth trauma. There are rebirthing therapists all over the world and you can look up one in your area. In Bristol or London, you can go to Islam Andrew White.
Cranial sacral therapy
This powerful yet gentle method is very effective in unwinding and healing birth trauma. Two therapists of this method who I recommend very highly are: Anne France in Nice, France, and Chintan who is based in Corfu but who also travels to places in the world where he is invited to offer sessions.
I recommend every human being to watch Elena’s DVD, called Birth As We Know It showing examples of ecstatic birth and also showing the painful reality of how most birth is currently happening in hospitals throughout the world. See Heidi’s blog to find out more.
If even one woman has had the experience of orgasmic birth, this means it is possible for all women. I have met several women who have had this experience. And now, there is a growing movement in the world to spread the information about how to make orgasmic birth a reality for women everywhere. Orgasmic birth means that a child born in this way will automatically move towards bliss and love as a natural way of life.

In regards to all of the subjects discussed in this newsletter, I recommend to find out more about the Kogi Indians of Colombia (pictured left). They have long ago mastered and still practise, conscious sexuality and conception, conscious pregnancy, and how to create enlightened beings through a highly refined process around these subjects. There is a new film made about and by the Kogi, soon to be released in cinemas everywhere, called Aluna. Check it out!
I am looking forward to the time when there will be centres that teach conscious conception through Tantra, conscious pregnancy including healthy eating and exercise, healing of prenatal trauma, and how to have an ecstatic birth. I believe it is only a matter of time before this vision becomes reality. Just two generations of ecstatic birthing is enough to transform the whole of human life. Let’s do it!!!!
Love Sarita

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A beautiful comment from Shri Tara:
Dearest Sarita, – thank you for the wonderful article. I wanted to share with you both my husband and I went through the colour light series of pre-natals, male female balances, and function circles. Our son Elliott was born naturally with colour light at home in the water and I credit the birth to the methods you describe above. The experience was indeed sacred, beautiful and the most ecstatic experience of our lives. the pregnancy was spent by the pacific ocean in Hawaii and Tahiti where Elliott called us in to bring him here. A tibetan Llama handed Elliott to me during a global peace meditation in Hawaii with medicine bhudda. I want to thank you Sarita, for the school of awakening’s profound trainings brought to us the most precious thing in our lives, Elliott. deep love and gratitude. Aloha x

Dear Sarita,
your description is wonderful. I am not a follower of Osho but follow the teaching of Sri Aurobindo and the Divine Mother. Of course I learned the tantra disciplines and practise pranayama.
What is important above all is to make prayers to the Mahashakti (in the Christian context She is the Mother of God, Maria – very unfortunately the protestants and Lutherans have put the female aspect of the eternal Divine aside).
In my belief it is the Eternal Divine Mother, who sends the souls to their new parents. Actually falling blindly in love is nothing but the love sent by the unborn child to the becoming parents. Souls also come together in heaven and chose their parents, make them meet and send their love to them so that they can overcome social norms preventing normally their union. It is to me a fact that when the children have reached the age of 10 or more many parents become slowly aware of their differences and the result – in the West – is divorce. Our German poet Schiller knew that and he wrote: “But it is the strength of the parents’ character that lets them stay together.”
The real love is Divine love as represented by a rose.
Take care, let Divine love guide your precious work.
Georg Blomeyer
from sunny Guadalajara, Spain

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