Energy, Meditation and Tantra

Sarita ran a meditation camp near Nagpur in India to celebrate Osho’s birthday in December. Khirad, who co-facilitated the camp with her, reports back on the experience.

Sarita giving sannyas

Osho’s birthday was celebrated at a three day meditation camp at Lonara, 12 kms away from Nagpur, India. The camp was inaugurated on 8th December 2011 with the evening meeting White Robe Brotherhood Meditation and was concluded with the peak of energy at Sannyas celebration and energy Darshan on 11th December. The celebrations ended on Osho’s birthday with all the participants dancing.
The meditation programme was jointly facilitated by Mahasaatva Ma Anand Sarita and Swami Antar Khirad. It was a unique camp as it was facilitated by two people, representing east and West. Sarita, a westerner, one of the earlier disciples of Osho, facilitated the camp in its purest form and maintained the guidelines given by Osho. Khirad, an Indian disciple of Osho, co-facilitated the camp, easing the language barriers for Hindi and Marathi speaking participants. His presence helped maintained the yin yang energy balance during the camp.
Welcoming another sannyasin!

Sarita explained the how and why of all the meditation techniques given by Osho for the modern man. She poured into us completely what she learnt from Osho. Participants got a glimpse of the camps organised by Osho himself in his earlier years. Needless to say that this was the first such camp given by Sarita in India. Participants were guided to do various meditations such as Dynamic, Kundalini, Nadabrahma, No Mind, Chakra Breathing and the Evening Meeting, among others. Osho video discourses and questions with Sarita were also a daily feature of the camp.

Sarita specialised in Tantra meditations under the guidance of Osho. She taught us a few Tantra meditations, which were appreciated by the participants. She also disseminated a few rare meditation techniques developed by Osho e.g. Latihan Meditation, Divine Healing Meditation, Golden light meditation, among others.
In a nut shell, this camp was one of the best meditation camps I have experienced, giving the taste of energy and meditativeness. Many new participants enjoyed this retreat. 23 people took Sannyas and most of the participants benefitted from the energy darshan.
By Khirad

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Saritamaa thanks thanks for using my clicks from khirad camp nagpur, only this year camp i was unable to attend, i live in Bali Indonesia island…….. too impossible and far to gather in ocean of love in jungle. Hope soon i can next ocean of OSHO love….. loving you,

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