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Meditation of the Month: Absolute Joy!

From Vigyan Bhairav Tantra: “On joyously seeing a long absent friend, permeate this joy.”
One of the qualities of spiritual awakening is that the whole of life, and death, is looked at as a drama, and the master who has mastered himself becomes really playful.
Very often in life we miss those moments which are absolute truth, and absolute truth is joy, is love, is ecstasy. Many times people come close to death and they realise, ‘oh my god, I was alive and I missed the whole thing!’ So in this sutra we are really taking the moment into our heart and feeling it totally and intensively. We are being absolutely and totally alive to the moment.
How to practise this meditation:
1) If you get the chance to meet a friend or lover you haven’t seen for a long time, rush towards them, embrace, and abandon yourself to the feeling of joy completely. Then spend a few minutes holding each other in silence.
2) The other way is you can practise this is in a very meditative style, with any friend or lover, doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen them. Stand a good distance apart facing each other, and move very slowly towards each other with incredible refined awareness. With every millimetre you are becoming more aware, more sensitive, more alive to the other’s presence and the affect it has on you. Finally you come very close to each other, almost touching, and you stop to feel the subtle energy of the meeting. Then you come even closer and embrace, very slowly, and melt into that embrace so you are aware of each nuance of that meeting and melting, into absolute joy.
Become the joy, become the one who is dissolving into abandon with ecstasy, with life, with the beloved, with your own soul. The lover or friend is always a symbol for the reunion with god, so when we meet them we are reuniting with our own soul, with our own godliness. We are going from a state of fragmentation into wholeness in that absolute joy.
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