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Meditation of the Month: The Soundless Sound

From the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra: “Stopping ears by pressing and the rectum by contracting, enter the sound.”
Many people would like to have the experience of the Soundless sound, AUM. This meditation is simple, and yet offers us the profound experience of Aum. A Japanese master who I love, Kohrogi San, says: “The sound AUM is always present, but we have forgotten how to hear it. In life, we eat, we fall in love and we do many things, just to be able to eventually hear the sound AUM”.
To practise the meditation:
Find a space where you will not be disturbed with outside noise, such as electrical appliances. If you can find a quiet place in nature, this is ideal. It is good to be in a comfortable position with your back straight. A kneeling position works very well, because back is straight and the anus is relaxed and not pressed into a chair.
Here is what Osho has to say about this meditation: “If you stop your ears and pull your rectum up, contract your rectum, everything will stop for you. It will be as if the whole world has become non-moving – as if everything has become static, stopped. Not only movements, you will feel as if time has stopped.
What happens when you pull the rectum up, contract it? What happens? When both the ears are closed simultaneously, with closed ears you will hear a sound within. But if the rectum is not pulled up, that sound is released by the rectum. That sound is very subtle. If the rectum is pulled up, contracted, and the ears are closed, you will see within you a pillar of sound – and that sound is of silence. It is a negative sound. When all sounds have ceased, then you feel the sound of silence or the sound of soundlessness. But it will be released from the rectum.
So close the ears and pull the rectum up. Then you are closed from both the sides, and your body becomes closed and just filled with sound. This feeling of being filled with sound gives a deep fulfillment. So we will have to understand many things around it, only then will it become possible for you to have the feeling of what happens.
And what will happen when you feel this inner sound? With the very phenomenon of hearing the inner sound, your thoughts dissolve. Just try it anytime during the day: just pull up the rectum and put your fingers in the ears. Press the ears and pull up the rectum. You will feel that your mind has stopped. It will not be functioning; thoughts will have stopped. That constant flow of thoughts is not there. It is good! And if one goes on doing it whenever there is time, in the day if you can do it for five or six times, within three or four months you will become an expert in it. And then such a well-being flows out of it!
And the inner sound, once heard, remains with you. Then you can hear it the whole day. The market is noisy, the road is noisy, the traffic is noisy, but if even in that noise you have heard the inner sound, you will feel the still small voice that goes on inside. And then nothing will disturb you. If you can feel your inner sound, then nothing from the outside can disturb you. You remain silent; whatsoever happens around you makes no difference.”
Read the whole discourse here.
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3 replies on “Meditation of the Month: The Soundless Sound”

Dear Sarita,
I do meditate, 10-15 minutes a day for a while. A year ago, I started hearing a very soft and high pitched sound like eeee or aaaa.
Now, the sound becomes clearer and constant. It is still soft and high pitched. I hear it even when I speak or very noisy around me without any meditation. I just hear it inside me whether doing something or not, speaking or silent – same sound, constantly.
Could you please tell me what this sound is? what is its meaning? Do you hear it too and what it indicates to me spiritually?
Thank you a lot for your help.

Hello Tommy,
If it is not a physical based sound, meaning it is not tinnitus, then it may be that your inner sense of hearing is trying to open up. If you are responsive to sound, I would recommend to listen to an instrument called the Rudra Veena as a form of meditation. There is a wonderful CD of Rudra Veena by Zia Mohudin Dagar. This can be ordered from the Tantra Shop, (through my website) or you could try on Amazon. If you prefer Western style music, then you could listen to Baroque music which also creates deep inner harmony.
There is a meditation of Osho which works with sound and is very powerful. This is called Nada Brahma. this can also be ordered as a CD, and you can follow the instructions provided. By working with meditative sounds, your inner sound may become harmonised and your condition stabilised.

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