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Meditation of the Month: Becoming One With Everything

From the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra: “Imagine spirit simultaneously within and around you until the entire universe spiritualizes.”
22 December is day 1 of the new Mayan calendar and the start of the era of unity consciousness. Practising this sutra can help us to merge with existence and feel ourselves to be in unity with all that is.
To experience this method we use Osho’s Mahamudra Meditation. You can either buy the CD from the Tantra Shop or you can time yourself through the different stages.
To practise the meditation:
Find yourself a warm, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. You’ll need enough room to move around gently without bumping into things. Also have cushions ready nearby for the second stage.
Stage 1 – 40 minutes
Latihan – this is a kind of spontaneous Tai Chi. Start by standing with your arms raised and allow your body to be moved. Latihan is tapping into universal life force energy. You open yourself and you allow spirit to move your body in unknown, mysterious ways. You don’t know what the next movement is going to be, moment to moment. This movement can be very big, or it can be very small and subtle, especially when you first practise the meditation. Be open to whatever this is for you.
Stage 2 – approx 20 minutes
Prayer – In the second phase, kneel with raised arms to receive cosmic energy into your body. You can imagine that you have an opening at the top of your head, at your crown chakra, and that your body is like an empty vessel that can receive energy.
You imagine that the energy of spirit is like a waterfall filling your receptive vessel. Your body may start vibrating, trembling, shaking – you simply allow it. You allow your body to be filled with this cosmic energy. And when you are so full you can’t take any more, you bow down and put your head on the ground and you offer this energy to the earth. You empty yourself completely.
Do this seven times. This will open and cleanse each of the seven chakras. The last time you bow down, you can lay down completely, belly to the ground, with your arms outstretched in deep surrender to Mother Earth.
This is a very potent meditation – it gives us the experience that we are no longer the doer, we are being moved, being lived by existence itself. It’s very cleansing, healing and uplifting.
This can be a really wonderful meditation to practise as a group – try it with friends. It’s incredibly powerful to all melt into existence and become one together!
Enjoyed this meditation? You can buy the CD from the Tantra Shop to practise it yourself at home. For more Tantra meditations, you can also check out out Sarita’s online Vigyan Bhairav Tantra club, or by email, or or see her book, Divine Sexuality.

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