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Meditation of the Month: Creative Spark

This month, Sarita guides us into connecting with the creation principle. From this place we can discover the God spark within and allow life to create through us in many forms.
Discover the God spark in your garden!
From the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra: “Oh Shakti, each particular perception is limited, disappearing in omnipotence.”
Creativity is very important because this is where we come in tune with the principle of creation, with the God spark within us. When we move towards life, automatically there is a bubbling up of energy, of creativity.
To experience the creation principle, we need to connect to life from somewhere other than the mind. If we approach, for example a flower, from the perspective of the mind, then it will say, ‘ah that’s a daisy, I learnt about that in biology, it comes from this country and grows in that kind of climate’, and you have it all fixed in your mind but you’re not experiencing the flower itself, you’re experiencing the past notions about the flower.
To practise the meditation, take a walk in your garden or some other natural surrounding, hear the birds chirping, smell the beauty of the flowers, feel the grass under your feet – allow yourself to be in present moment awareness. Approach a flower and just connect with it, look at it with a soft gaze, or you might touch the velvety soft petals. You might find that you become the flower, you are it. And the deeper you go into that experience, the more you start connecting to the very essence of creation behind the flower, the God spark that has created you and the flower and the oneness that connects you both.
Another very powerful way you could practise this would be to go into nature, connect with a flower and write a poem about it. And then approach the flower, touch it and let the essence of it go into you, sensing, I am the flower, and you begin writing as the flower in the first person, you let the flower speak through you, you write about its experience of life. Once you have finished your poem, sit in meditation  for a few minutes, and experience whatever is there – you may find yourself falling in tune with the divine principle behind the flower, disappearing in omnipotence.
Or you could paint, draw, sing, play music or use any other creative method to channel the essence of nature. You become it, you start creating from that space of no-mind, then you leave aside the creating and become one with the God principle.
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2 replies on “Meditation of the Month: Creative Spark”

I like to now what Sarita feels about infinity limitlesnes.
Love your site, and love you Sarita!

Hello Edgar,
When we are able to be in the present moment, we are simultaneously open to infinity. The present moment is beyond time and mind and is therefore, limitless. Mind is limited to past and future which are not to be found anywhere except in a limited mental projection. All mystics of all the ages have been working to help us come into present moment awareness. A wonderful door into the present is through the body. The body is always in the present. The blood flows now. The heart is beating now. By using bodily sensations as an entry point into meditation, we can be easily blessed by the experience of infinity and limitlessness. It is our very nature, and our body is the temple in which to encounter Godliness.