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Meditation of the Month: Laughter and Relaxation

This meditation from Osho can help to embrace the joy of life, let go of seriousness and is deeply healing. “There are a few moments when, without being aware, you are in a let-go. For example, when you are really laughing — a belly laughter, not just from the head, but from your belly — you are relaxed without your knowing, you are in a let-go. That’s why laughter is so health-giving. There is no other medicine that can help you more in attaining well-being. Next time you laugh, be alert about how relaxed you are.
In a few Zen monasteries, every monk has to start his morning with laughter, and has to end his night with laughter – the first thing and the last thing! You try it. . . For no reason! Because there is no reason. Simply, you are again there, still alive – it is a miracle!”
How to practise the meditation
Before sleeping and/or on waking. Find a space where you can lie face down on the floor and also have room for dancing.
Step 1: Create a Giggle
“Sitting silently just create a giggle in your being, as if the whole body is giggling, laughing. Start swaying with the laughter; let it spread to your hands and your feet. If it comes uproariously, allow it; if it comes quietly, allow it. Let your body be involved…not just lips and throat, but rising up from the soles of your feet and then those subtle ripples moving to the belly. Visualize yourself as a small child, and if you feel like it, roll on the floor like a child. The noise is not as meaningful as the totality of your involvement. “Don’t remain stiff; relax and cooperate. If at the beginning you exaggerate it a little it will help.
Step 2: Get Earthed
“Lie down on the earth or the floor, facing the floor; on the earth and naked is the best. Make contact with the earth, feel that the earth is your mother and you are a child. Get lost in that feeling. Breathe with the earth, feel one with the earth.
Step 3: Dance
“Dance for 20 minutes. Put on music and dance, outside if it is warm enough, otherwise inside. After this time of contact with the earth, your dancing will have a different quality to it, because the earth is energizing.
“Within six to eight months you will find great changes happening. The laughter at night will set a trend in your sleep. Your dreams will become more joyous, more uproarious, and they will help your morning laughter; they will create the background. And the morning laughter will set the trend for the whole day. Throughout the day, whenever there is an opportunity to laugh, laugh.”
Osho, from “Satyam, Shivam, Sunderam” Talk #5
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