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Meditation of the Month: Orgasmic Potential

There is much misunderstanding about the word ‘orgasm’. Most people think of it as genital release, but it can be so much more: a regeneration of every cell in the body; an experience of ecstasy, of body and spirit as one; or an opening of each cell to the light of the spirit and remembrance of the dance of creation.
People also think that orgasm is dependent on another person, that: “Mr or Ms Right hasn’t shown up in my life, therefore I cannot hope to experience orgasm.” This is a mistaken idea. First learn the language of orgasm within your own body, then you can share this over-flowing energy with another. In this way the foundation of creating a Tantric Temple begins with yourself, with discovering your own capacity for energy and ecstasy. It begins with saying ‘YES!’ to your own life force, to the roots of your unique tree of life.
If you feel stagnation in your sex centre, or anger or rage, this meditation can help to release it in a safe, meditative way. It is helpful to do it at the same time every day for ten days to really open your energy. If you feel the need to do it for longer, you can do it for 21 days.
How to practise this meditation:
Step one (5 minutes)
Kneel in front of a few nice, fat pillows, preferably reserved for this mediation. Kneel up and raise your arms above your head with your fingers intertwined, making sure that your solar plexus area is open. Bring your hands down onto the pillow, like the blow of a hammer, at the same time shouting ‘NO!’. Be total: use 100% of your energy.
Step two (5 minutes)
Sit comfortably in front of the pillows. Close your eyes and be silent. Witness your breathing, your energy, your emotions, and your thoughts as you remain still.
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