Meditation Of The Month

Meditation of the Month: Play!

From the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra: “Gracious one, play. The universe is an empty shell wherein your mind frolics infinitely.”
We get bored, depressed and lonely because we have lost the ability to play with life. If you can shift your way of perception just a little, to the vision of life as a friend, instead of the enemy, this will help to tune into the cosmic play. Come into a child like state, and imagine that in life you are with your best friend, who adores you and thinks you are the best and most interesting person in the world.
With this friend, called life, you play and have the most amazing time. Together, you are endlessly creative, finding ways to extract the nectar out of each moment. Set aside one hour where you can be alone.
Phase 1) 1/2 hour, imagine life is your best friend. You can speak to life out loud as the friend. Ask life what it proposes to play with today. Hug life. Allow your spontaneous inner child like nature to come out to play. Invent games. Follow your intuition. Frolic. Play. As your spontaneity begins flowing, simultaneously, you may find yourself falling in love with yourself. One who is in love is vibrantly alive, is never bored, lonely, or depressed.
Phase 2) After playing with life, sit in meditation for 1/2 hour to anchor this experience. Then bow down in gratitude.
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