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Meditation of the Month: Chakra Dance

This one-hour dance celebrates your life energy while opening your chakras. It is an active meditation, where bringing awareness to your body movements helps to create transformation.

Phase One
Dance the quality of each chakra in turn, allowing seven minutes for each chakra.
Chakra             Quality
First                     Sex/sensuality
Second                Emotions/feelings
Third                    Individual truth/egolessness
Fourth                 Love/sacredness
Fifth                     Creativity/expression
Sixth                    Psychic opening/transcendence
Seventh              Bliss/oneness
Begin at the first chakra, focusing on this chakra inside your pelvic region, radiating energy in all directions. Let your whole pelvis fill up with that energy, and dance from there. Then let your whole body be overtaken by the quality of the first chakra.
After seven minutes, move your focus to the second chakra and again let the energy expand as you dance the quality of that chakra, discovering what it is for you personally. Then allow that energy to engulf your whole body and become it, from head to toe, as you continue dancing. Repeat for each chakra in turn, ending with the crown chakra.
Phase Two
Lie down for 15 minutes with eyes closed, simply witnessing your breathing, your mind, and your emotions as a detached observer. You may become aware of all seven chakras vibrating simultaneously.
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